Regulations on expenditure on education quality accreditation activities for general education institutions in Vietnam

What are the regulations on expenditure on education quality accreditation activities for general education institutions in Vietnam? - Royal (Vung Tau, Vietnam)

Regulations on expenditure on education quality accreditation activities for general education institutions in Vietnam (Internet image)

1. Funding sources for educational quality accreditation activities for general education institutions

According to Clause 1, Article 2 of Circular 56/2021/TT-BTC, expenses for education quality accreditation and national standard recognition for general education institutions include:

- State budget (education, training, and vocational training budget) in accordance with the provisions of the Law on State Budget 2015;

- Revenue from educational institution operations, including lawful financial sources of non-public educational institutions;

- Sources of funding and support from domestic and foreign organizations and individuals; socialized capital sources, lawfully mobilized capital sources, and other sources of revenue as prescribed by law for educational institutions

2. Regulations on education quality accreditation expenditure for general education institutions in Vietnam

2.1. Spending on self-assessment activities in Vietnam

Specifically, Article 3 of Circular 56/2021/TT-BTC stipulates the expenditure on self-assessment activities for general education institutions as follows:

(1) For public general education institutions

The public general education institution shall use the lawful funding as prescribed by law to spend on self-assessment activities, specifically as follows:

- Consultant hiring costs

General education institutions are responsible for conducting self-assessment in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

In cases of necessity, the self-assessment council shall request the principal or director of the educational institution to decide on hiring consultants (domestic and foreign) to assist it in implementing the self-assessment.

The cost of hiring a consultant (if any) shall comply with the agreement in the contract between the two parties, but must be compatible with the funding capacity of the educational institution and comply with the current financial regulations of the state.

- Printing and stationery expenses: comply with actuals arising from the thrift principle, having sufficient and valid invoices and vouchers as prescribed by law.

- Expenses for developing investigation plans, gathering information and evidence, processing and analyzing information and evidence results, writing the evaluation criteria sheet, and creating and completing the self-assessment report:

Applying according to the provisions of Circular 109/2016/TT-BTC, up to a maximum of 10,000,000 VND for a complete self-assessment result.

Based on the ability to finance self-assessment activities, the principal or director of the educational institution shall stipulate in the internal expenditure regulations of the unit the specific level of public money spending for members to perform a self-assessment in accordance with each member's role in performing the specific tasks of the self-assessment process, in which the expenditure for the construction and completion of the self-assessment report according to the final product does not exceed 2,000,000 VND/report.

(2) For non-public general education institutions

Non-public general education institutions use lawful funding sources as prescribed by law to carry out self-assessment activities.

The content and level of expenditure for self-assessment activities shall comply with the regulations of the educational institution.

2.2. Expenses for external evaluation activities in Vietnam

The state management agency in charge of education performing the task of external assessment shall use lawful funds as prescribed by law to spend on external assessment activities, specifically as follows:

- Conference and seminar expenses; travel expenses, lodging allowances, and room rental at the business destination for members of the external evaluation team:comply with the provisions of Circular 40/2017/TT-BTC.

Payments for remuneration for external audit team members

The Director of the Department of Education and Training shall decide on a specific level of payment for the external assessment team members (team leader, secretary, member) in accordance with the role of each member in performing the actual and external assessment tasks in the locality, specifically:

+ Spending for studying evaluation dossiers and writing preliminary reports: not more than 1,000,000 VND per person or report;

+ Paying wages during working time to focus on studying assessment dossiers: not more than 200,000 VND per person per day;

+ Paying wages during the official survey at the educational institution: not more than 200,000 VND per person per day;

- Expenses for developing and completing external evaluation reports: The contract payment level based on the final product shall not exceed 2,000,000 VND/report.

Printing and stationery expenses; print and issue certificates of education quality, national standard accreditation: To conform to reality, with sufficient and reasonable invoices and documents as prescribed by law.

(Article 4 of Circular 56/2021/TT-BTC)

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