Penalties for violations of Master's Student in Vietnam

Master's degree program is the program which provides students basic scientific knowledge, in-depth skills for research in a scientific field or knowledge on how to work effectively as professional, etc. Therefore, Master's students must strictly comply with the regulation of the law on master's training or there will be penalties for the violations.

Penalties for violations of Master's Student in Vietnam

Penalties for violations of Master's Student in Vietnam:

- Learners cheating in examination or assessment of learning results shall be met with disciplinary actions for each unit of study in which the learners commit the violations.

- Learners taking the exam on behalf of other individuals or learners asking other individuals to take the exam on their behalf shall be suspended for 1 year in case of first-time violation and enforced drop-out for the second violation.

- Learners who commit the following violations shall be enforced drop-out and their issued master degree shall be revoked and disposed (if any) as per regulations of Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam:

+ Commit frauds in enrolment, studying, thesis defense, scheme defense, or during application for issuance of degrees, certificates;

+ Illegally use results of other individuals or illegally copies, excerpt in thesis, scheme and are concluded by appraisal committee to be unqualified if said illegally copied, excerpted, or used sections are to be removed;

+ Asking or hiring other individuals to produce thesis or scheme.

Note: Regulations of education institutions shall elaborate on detail actions against violations of learners in Vietnam.

(Article 16 - Regulations on enrolment and training for master degree issued together with Circular 23/2021/TT-BGDĐT)

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