New comprehensive approach to teaching and learning History in Vietnam

In Resolution 63/2022/QH15 The National Assembly requires a new comprehensive approach to teaching and learning History in Vietnam.

New comprehensive approach to teaching and learning History in Vietnam (illustration)

Specifically, at the session, the National Assembly of Vietnam considered and decided the following contents:

- To fundamentally and thoroughly modernize teaching and learning methods, particularly in terms of History; to research the opinions of voters, citizens, and National Assembly of Vietnam representatives; and to design the history curriculum for upper secondary students in a practical and scientific way, taking into account both the subject's mandatory and optional components.

- Continue to raise the standard of higher education; effectively implement the 2018 General Education Program of Vietnam, including bolstering propagation on the implementation;

- Strictly control the creation and establishment of textbooks;

- Add textbooks to the List of goods and services valued by the State when modifying the Law on Prices; In the near future, the Government directs the relevant ministries to take action to decrease textbook costs in accordance with socio-economic conditions;

- Continue to carry out the policy of supporting or subsidizing textbooks for students from low-income families, mountainous, highland, and ethnic minority areas in accordance with the Law;

- Adhere strictly to reference material regulations in order to minimize waste.

See Resolution 63/2022/QH15 dated June 16, 2022, for more details.

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