History will be no longer the compulsory subject in the general education program

Circular No 32/2018/TT-BGDDTPromulgation of general education programs. Accordingly, the history shall be the optional study.

Objectives of the current general education program in Vietnam

According to section II of the general education program - the general education program in Vietnam issued together with the Circular No. 32/2018/TT-BGDDT, the following objectives shall be specified:

- The general education program in Vietnam shall concretize the objectives of general education, helping the pupils to master the general knowledge, effectively apply the knowledge and skills that have learned into life and self-study throughout their life, have orientations for selecting suitable occupations, have knowledge for harmonious construction and development of social relations, have nature, personality and diversified life style, thus making them feasible in life and positively contributing to the development of the country and the mankind.

- The program of primary education helps pupils form and develop fundamental foundations for harmonious development of physical and spiritual life, moral qualities and capabilities; orientate towards education on personal values, families, communities and the habits and necessary foundations in learning and daily life.

- The basic secondary education program in Vietnam helps pupils develop qualities and capabilities which have been formed and developed at the primary education level, can adjust themselves according to the common standards of the society, apply active learning methods to complete their knowledge and basic skills and acquire initial understanding of the occupations and trades and vocational orientation so as to continue their study at the upper secondary education level, vocational training or participate in the working life.

- The program of senior secondary education helps students to continue developing the qualities and capabilities necessary for the laborers, the sense and personality of citizens, the self-study capabilities and the sense of study throughout their life, the capabilities to select occupations suitable to their capabilities and hobbies, the conditions and circumstances in order to further study, learn jobs or participate in working life, and the capabilities to adapt to changes in the context of globalization and the new industrial revolution.

History will be no longer the compulsory subject in the general education program

History will become an optional subject in Vietnam's educational program system

Subsection 2 of Section IV of the general education program in Vietnam issued together with Circular No. 32/2018/TT-BGDDT shall provide the following guidelines:

- Compulsory subjects and educational activities: Associations; Mathematics; Foreign Language 1; Physical Education; National defense and security education; experience and career orientation activities; contents of local education.

- The study subjects to be selected include 3 groups of study subjects:

+ Group of social science subjects: history, geography, economic education and law.

+ Group of study subjects: physics, chemistry, biology.

+ Group of subjects of technology and art: technology, informatics, art (Music, Art).

Thus, the student shall select 5 subjects from 3 subjects mentioned above and select at least 1 subject.

Sub-section 3, Section V of the general education program in Vietnam issued together with Circular No. 32/2018/TT-BGDDT shall be elaborated as follows:

The contents of social science education are divided into two stages: basic stage and stage of vocational orientation education.

- Basic education stage: Social science education is conducted in the compulsory subjects from grade 1 to grade 9. In grades 1, 2 and 3, the contents of education in social sciences shall be materialized in the natural and social subjects; to grade 4 and grade 5, the natural and social subjects shall be separated into two historical, geography and scientific subjects. At the basic secondary education level, the history and geography subjects shall include the contents of historical and geographic education and a number of inter-subject subjects, and at the same time, integrate and integrate the knowledge into a simple extent in economy, culture, science, religion ... The historical and geographic knowledge circuits are connected together aimed at innovating and supporting each other. In addition, a number of integrated topics are also added, such as protecting lawful rights and interests of Vietnam in the East Sea; urban-historical centers and present; civilization of the Red River and Mekong River delta; and geographic tectonics, etc.

- Period of vocational orientation education:

+History and geography are the subjects chosen at the 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

At the same time, to consolidate and expand the core general knowledge and skills formed at the stage of basic education through topics and subjects on basic matters of the history and geography, creating firm foundations for the students to make clear and appropriate orientations.

+ For grade 11 and grade 12, the History should attach importance to subjects and subjects learning in the fields of history, such as politics, economic history, civilized history, military history and social history, the interaction and integration of Vietnam into the region and the world; the Geography should focus on a number of subjects and subjects learning in the world geography (region and the typical country) and Vietnam geography (natural, socio-economic) in order to support the trainees oriented in the fields of social sciences and humanities as well as a number of relevant sciences.

Accordingly, only when the junction of vocational-oriented education is carried out when the student begins to the 10th grade, the chosen subject shall be the subject.


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