Hanoi: Official four compulsory subject in 10th grade entrance exam in 2021

Recently, Hanoi Department of Education and Training has Official Letter 713/SGDĐT-QLT on Official four compulsory subject in 10th grade entrance exam of the public high school in the school year 2021-2022.

Hanoi: Official four compulsory subject in 10th grade entrance exam in 2021 (Artwork).

The entrance exam to the 10th grade of a public non-specialized high school in the school year 2021–2022 will be held on May 29 and 30, 2021 with four compulsory exams as follows:

1. Exam subjects

- 04 independent tests, including: Math, Literature, Foreign Language, and History.

- For the foreign language test, candidates can choose to register for the exam in one of the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, and Korean (Candidates are allowed to register for a foreign language exam that is different from the foreign language subject they are studying at the junior high school).

2. Examination format

The Math and Literature exams are in the form of essays, and the test time is 120 minutes per test. The foreign language exam and the history exam are in the form of objective multiple-choice, and the test time is 60 minutes/test; there are many exam question codes in one exam room to ensure the principle: Candidates do not have the same exam code; candidates take the test on the multiple-choice answer sheet. Candidates' test results on the multiple-choice answer sheets are scored by computer software.

3. Exam questions

The exam consists of questions according to the requirements of the current knowledge and skills standards of the lower secondary program of the Ministry of Education and Training, according to the guidance on adjusting teaching content of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam's issued in Official Dispatch 3280/BGDĐT-GDTrH dated August 27, 2020 and the Department of Education and Training of Vietnamissued in Official Dispatch 2786/SGDĐT-GDPT dated September 3, 2020; The content is mainly in the 9th grade program in junior high school.

Math and Literature exam questions ensure 4 levels of awareness: high-level awareness, comprehension, application, and application. The exam questions for foreign language and history subjects are mainly at the level of awareness, understanding, and application.

The admission score is calculated according to the formula: admission score = (Math Score + Literature Score) x 2 + Foreign Language Score + History Score + Priority Score. 

More details can be found in Vietnam's Official Dispatch 713/SGDDT-QLT issued on 12/3/2021.


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