Guidelines for solving the situation of teacher surplus at all levels of Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam

In the 2020-2021 school year, the country has a surplus of 10,344 teachers. Faced with that situation, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam issued Official Dispatch 3397/BGDDT-NGCBQLGD dated 11/8/2021 on solving the problem of teacher surplus at all levels.

Guidelines for solving the situation of teacher surplus at all levels of Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (Illustration)

According to the National Database of Education, for the academic year 2020–2021, there is an excess of 10,344 teachers nationwide, mainly at the primary and lower secondary levels, when the arrangement of teachers is decentralized to the district administration. Specifically, the primary school has an excess of 5,341, an excess of 4,688 at the lower secondary level, and an excess of 315 at the high school level.

The main reasons for the surplus of teachers, according to the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, are that the recruitment is not close to the needs and development scale of schools, classes, and students; the arrangement, mobilization, and assignment of teachers are not appropriate; Many localities have not yet had the direction and consensus of the provincial/municipal authorities in transferring teachers from places of excess to places of shortage across the province. In addition, the structure of teachers must be arranged according to each subject; The situation of mechanical migration in some industrial parks and big cities...

In order to solve the shortage of teachers and serve as a basis for approving the assignment and supplementing the shortage of teachers in localities, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam proposes that the People's Committees of provinces and cities to direct the following contents:

(1) Examining the number and structure of teachers at all levels and subjects; identifying the number, structure, and age of redundant teachers in each school, grade, and subject.

(2) Developing a solution plan that is appropriate for each subject of teachers based on a variety of options. Specifically:

- Relocating teachers from places of excess to places of shortage (priority is given in the order of the same grade, subject, same commune, same district, within the province).

- Teachers who are still of working age, have the capacity and aspirations in line with the needs, order the teacher training institutions to train the second degree; professional training to be qualified to teach missing subjects and integrated subjects. At the same time, priority should be given to arranging enough facilities at the primary level to teach 2 sessions/day (full 9 lessons/week) as prescribed.

- Teachers who do not meet the teaching requirements due to health, age or other reasons, should consider changing the job position from teacher to school staff (equipment, laboratory, library, etc.) or arrange early retirement as prescribed.

In the implementation process, it should be based on the principle of openness and fairness; ensure the lawful rights and interests of teachers; promote the capacity and forte of teachers; and create favorable conditions for teachers to work with peace of mind. Focus on propaganda and dissemination to create consensus in the implementation process and timely reward individuals and organizations that perform well.

(3) Allocating funds to assist teachers in the transfer and arrangement process; finalize the early retirement regime and funding for teacher training and retraining in order to ensure teacher regimes, policies, and social security.

(4) The settlement of teacher surplus must be completed by October 30 and reported to the Ministries of Education and Training and Home Affairs of Vietnam by November 15 in order to serve as a basis for proposing and reporting to the government to supplement the missing staff for localities.

The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam agreed to only consider, propose, and report to the Government of Vietnam to supplement staffing for localities that have solved the problem of redundant teachers and have used up all their assigned staff.

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