Cases enrolled directly into grade 10 in Ho Chi Minh City

Official Letter 1124/SGDDT-KTKDT instruct students to apply for enrollment at high schools located far away from their residence and apply for direct admission into grade 10 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Students of Ho Chi Minh City are eligible for sitting examinations to high schools far away from their residences.

According to Point 2.2, Clause 2, Part II of Official Dispatch No. 1124/SGDDT-KTKDT on guidelines for the meeting and advice of parents to enroll in the class 10 of the academic year 2022-2023:

- Teachers in charge of advisory of student's parents who choose to take the exam for the class of 10 schools in accordance with their learning capacity and are near to their places of residence to facilitate the continuation of learning when they win admission and reduce the traffic pressure according to the policy of the composition; to ensure the study for the cases in which the students wish to attend the class of 10 upper secondary schools far from their residences, primary schools offer the private consultation with their parents, request the parents to prove the conditions to ensure that the students are registered at the schools for their expectations, not to change their expectation upon admission (with implementing the minutes of consultation between the BGH-VCN and HS standard).

Accordingly, if the students wish to take an enrollment test at high school for residence, their parents must prove the conditions for students to study at the registered school.

Cases enrolled directly into grade 10 in Ho Chi Minh City

Cases eligible for direct admission to upper-secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh City

According to the section II of Official Dispatch No. 1124/SGDDT-KTKDT-KTDT in 2022 regarding guidelines for meetings and advices on student's parents enrolled in the 10th grade in the academic year 2022-2023:

- Disseminate and provide consultancy on direct admission to students with disabilities, students awarded national or international qualifications in culture, arts, sports, national science and technology contests (students graduating lower secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh city)., In addition to the registration for admission to specialized schools, non-specialized schools and students eligible for direct admission, they may apply for direct admission with 3 expectations to the upper secondary schools near their residences in the city in accordance with the learning conditions (under the instructions of the plan for mobilizing children to the classes and enrolling students at the beginning of the academic year 2022-2023).- Attention to national, international conditions and schools where selection is permitted Note: The applicant will be considered by the direct admission council. Therefore, the head teacher should give advice to students' parents on choosing suitable schools with their learning capacity and travel conditions.

- Dossier for selection includes: Application for direct selection and certificate of vacancy issued by the competent authorities; certificate of national award issued by the Ministry of Education and Training or certificate of international award.

Accordingly, disabled students, students awarded national or international prizes are entities enrolled directly. However, based on the geographical position and conditions of prizes won to the school or not considered by the selection board. Therefore, the aforementioned entities may only apply for direct admission.



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