Candidates with 0 point for graduation exam of 2022 in Vietnam

Grade-point average for graduation examination in Vietnam in 2022 Whether the graduation exam papers in 2022 in Vietnam are scored 0 points?

Candidates with 0 point for graduation exam of 2022 in Vietnam

As prescribed in Clause 4 Article 54 of Regulations on high school graduation exams issued together with the Circular No. 15/2020/TT-BGDDT in cases of violation involving the score deduction in Vietnam:

- Subtract 25% of total score for the test in case of reprimand, including:

+ Their cover;

+ Exchange papers with other candidates.

(Applicable to examinees who commit one violation)

Disciplinary handling method: The proctor shall record the handling.

- 50% of the total score will be deducted in case of warning, including:

+ To continue violating the Examination Regulation at the reprimand level;

+ Exchanging articles or drafts;

+ Copy of another test taker or let another test taker to copy his/her answer sheet;

Disciplinary handling method: The proctor shall record and enclose the exhibits (if any)

For special cases, the exam papers will be scored 0 if they fall into the following cases:

+ A test taker with 2 or more examinees;

+ The test is written on drafts paper or paper in contravention of regulations;

(Candidates who are suspended from sitting examinations shall have 0 mark for such examination and shall not be allowed to continue taking the next examinations)

In addition to the forms of discipline with the form of subtracting points stipulated above, in case where the candidates violate other Regulation, depending on the rate of violation, the violators shall be made in writing and handled in accordance with provisions.

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