04 new points to know about Vietnamese citizens going abroad to study

The Government of Vietnam has just promulgated Decree 86/2021/ND-CP regulating Vietnamese citizenship went abroad to study, teach, do scientific research and exchange academics. According to this Decree, there are 4 new points to note for Vietnamese citizens going abroad to study as follows:

04 new things to know about Vietnamese citizens going abroad to study (Artwork)

1.  Eligibility of Vietnamese nationals travelling abroad for studying

Decree 86/2021 of Vietnam specifies standards for Vietnamese citizens to study abroad as follows:

+ Having respectable political and moral credentials;

+ Not subject to disciplinary actions and criminal prosecution.

+ Having degrees, certificates for specialty and foreign languages satisfactory to scholarship programs and other requirements of the scholarship programs;

+ Obtaining agreement from supervisory agencies on sending to foreign countries for studying (in case of having working agencies);

+ Satisfactory to applicable regulations and law on training for officials, public officials, and regulations of the Communist Party (for cases of members of the Communist Party).

2. Procedures and application documents for international student enrollment

Candidates submit 01 application by post or in person or online to the sending agency.

 Application for admission consists of:

- Official Dispatches of direct supervisory agencies (in case of having working agencies);

- Commitment regarding implementations of obligations of individuals sent abroad at request of direct supervisory agencies (in case of having working agencies);

- Background information with photos and confirmation of direct supervisory agencies (in case of having working agencies) or confirmation of local governments of residence (in case of not having working agencies);

- Verified true copies of degrees, certificates for specialty and/or foreign languages satisfactory to scholarship programs;

- Medical examination records of medical facilities of provinces and central-affiliated cities verifying adequate health conditions for studying abroad;

- Other documents (if any) at request of scholarship programs and dispatching agencies.

 Within 60 working days from the deadline for receiving applications, dispatching agencies shall organize admission and inform applicants and direct supervisory agencies (in case of having working agencies) about admission results on website of admitting agencies.

3. 03 benefits of state budget scholarships for international students

International students under State budget scholarships have the following rights:

- May return to Vietnam to participate in internship and/or collect documents to serve studying programs; may receive breaks during studying period according to foreign education institutions; may return to Vietnam, visit relatives in other countries (third country) if permitted by competent authority of host countries;

- Receive consular protection by Vietnamese representative missions overseas regarding righteous rights during period of studying abroad as per the law;

- Receive training costs, travelling costs, subsistence allowance, and other costs in part or in whole from funding sources from state budget for international students under Point a and Point b Clause 1 Article 3 hereof or incurred by foreign countries for international students under Point c Clause1 Article 3 hereof.

4. Responsibilities of international students under state budget scholarship

State budget scholarship international students must strictly abide by the laws of Vietnam, the laws and customs of the host country; In case of violation, depending on the nature and severity of the violation, it will be handled according to the provisions of law of the relevant parties.

In addition, international students must strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the foreign educational institution and the commitments and regulations of the direct management agency (for the case of a working agency), the sending agency to go to school; preserve and develop friendly relations with organizations, individuals and communities of the host country.

At the same time, it is necessary to register Vietnamese citizens abroad according to regulations and update information into the electronic database system for managing Vietnamese citizens going abroad to study, teach and do scientific research. study and academic exchange.

Do not voluntarily drop out of school; strictly comply with regulations on study time, training level, major, country of study and educational institution according to the decision on sending to study by the competent authority.

In particular, international students must return training costs according to regulations hereof in case of failure to complete studying obligations or failure to comply with job assignment of competent authority after graduation  (for international students state budget scholarships granted within the framework of agreements and cooperation agreements between the Vietnamese Government and foreign governments; state budget scholarships granted through state agencies and state enterprises, business units-public).

For the case of cadres, civil servants, public employees and party members, they must comply with current regulations on officials and public employees and regulations of the Party; protect documents and information containing State secrets as prescribed in the Law on Protection of State Secrets, and information to protect internal politics.

In addition, international students do not take advantage of studying or any other form to carry out propaganda activities against the State of Vietnam, affecting the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the partner country.

Decree 86/2021/ND-CP of Vietnam takes effect from December 1, 2021.

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