The Government Office shall implement the co-drug prevention and fight months

Official Letter 3042/VPCP-KGVX provide guidelines for launching the 2022 Action Month for drug prevention and fight.

Purposes of launching the campaign of action for drug prevention and fight

According to Section I of the Government Office's Official Dispatch No. 3042/VPCP-KGVX of May 17, 2022, the purposes and requirements for deployment of the practice month of drug abuse in 2022 are as follows:

- To concentrate on stepping up public information work to create a drug prevention and fight campaign nationwide, creating a strong change in the sense of responsibility and action of the entire political system and people of all strata in drug prevention and fight.

- Actively keep abreast of information and prevention; intensify the fight and suppression of drug-related crimes; improve the quality and effectiveness of drug rehabilitation, post-detoxification management, drug addicts and drug users; contribute to reducing supply and demand and reducing the harmful effects of drugs.

- The deployment of the drug prevention and fight action month must be conducted in a synchronous manner, ensuring the practicality, thrift and conformity with the practical situation.

Accordingly, the demand for the deployment of a co-drug prevention and combat month is to focus on stepping up propaganda work and taking initiative in grasping the situation in order to prevent drug-related crimes in order to raise the quality of management and the effectiveness of rehabilitation work.

The Government Office shall implement the co-drug prevention and fight months

Tasks of police offices in the launch of campaigns for drug prevention and fight

According to Subsection 1, Section II of the Government Office's Official Dispatch No. 3042/VPCP-KGVX dated May 17, 2022 assigning duties to the Ministry of Public Security:

- Directing the development and launching of peak attacks on drug-related crimes, focusing on key routes and areas involving drug-related complicated problems; grasping the situation, reviewing areas and subjects in order to detect, fight and eradicate promptly cic points and drug-related complicated focuses. To concentrate forces on investigating and sterilizing organizations and lines engaged in large, inter-provincial and transnational drug trading and transport; to continue effectively implementing the professional plans and plans of the Ministry of Public Security on drug-related crime prevention and fight.

- Direct public security forces at all levels, especially commune-level public security forces, in order to promote their core role in drug prevention and fight, focusing on the review, statistical work, classification and management of drug users and drug addicts; coordinate in the determination of drug addiction state; compile dossiers on application of the measure to send persons to compulsory rehabilitation establishments according to regulations; strengthen education and management of persons who are detoxicated and re-integrated into the community.

- Effectively bringing into play and making the most use of the national population database and citizen identification database for local management, drug addicts and drug users in order to prevent recidivism, drug abuse and violations of law.

- Take charge and cooperate with the People's Committee of Hanoi city and relevant Ministries and agencies in organizing the Leek and Latin Awareness in response to the CDs and All-people drug prevention and fight Month. To guide, supply, guide and direct the provision of information to, and coordinate with ministries, branches, localities, press agencies and communication in, organizing effective and practical propagation on drug prevention and fight.

As a result, the Ministry of Public Security must proactively deploy the peak of the drug-related crime prevention on key areas. To coordinate with other agencies in organizing meeting sessions to recruit drug prevention and fight months.


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