Prevention and combat of drowning in children and students

Official Letter 1562/BGDTC provide instructions on prevention of drowning in children and students

The Ministry of Education and Training shall direct the prevention of drowning in children and students

In the Official Dispatch No.1562/BGDDTC in 2022 on intensifying the prevention of drought against children, students have directed the Departments of Education and Training nationwide to perform the following tasks:

- Continuing to thoroughly grasp and effectively implement the directing documents of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education and Training on prevention of accidents, injuries, puppets for children, students.

- To intensify the propagation and education to raise the awareness, knowledge and skills of preventing and fighting water disturbance, ensuring safety in the water environment for children and pupils:

+ Period for promotion of education and communication activities: from now to before the time of absence of tea students in the academic year 2022-2023

+ Building of subjects for propagation and education: To prevent and combat water disruption (PCDN) on the way to study; PCDN upon sight-seeing, extra-wildlife, sea bathing, swimming; PCDN upon playing in community where having open water sources; PCDN when operating in water environment; rescue of safe disorder when seeing water-destroying friends, etc.

+ Direct educational institutions to disseminate and provide education about prevention of drought in students approved by the Ministry of Education and Training's Decision No. 4704/QD-BGDDT dated December 20, 2021.

+ Direct teachers to regularly grasp and remind children and students not to play or swamp near ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, canals, trenches or construction holes, etc.

- To take the initiative in coordinating with provincial-level departments, sectors and local administrations at all levels in managing, supervising and guiding children to participate in healthy entertainment activities; to further scrutinize and detect hot spots highly prone to water disturbances so as to give timely warnings; to organize swimming classes and provide safety training courses for children during the pavement. To well organize the hand-over of children and pupils to their families and localities before taking summer vacations.

- To intensify training and fostering courses to raise the capacity of FNG, swimming and safe relief for the contingent of officials and teachers in educational establishments in order to raise the quality of the propagation and education of children and pupils.

- Regularly urge, inspect and supervise the organization of NGOs at schools, education establishments and units under their management and take measures to handle units and individuals that fail to strictly carry out the propagation and education of NGOs among children and pupils.

Prevention and combat of drowning in children and students

Assurance of safety in preventing and combating drowning in children and students

In the guiding materials for preventing and combating pupils from drought, issued together with Decision No. 4704/QD-BGDDT in 2021 on approval of the instructions for education in preventing and combating drought, students have implemented the basic principles for preventing and combating drought in children and students as follows:

- To eliminate the risk of drowning water in children, pupils at the roofs, families and schools. Always vigilate, carefully, when playing near ponds, lakes, rivers, streams,…

- Comply with regulations on safety during waterway traffic.

- Study to swimm to schools and strengthen the managers, training to take responsibility Having means of rescue and first aid.

- To leave the water when the body develops gradually.

- 3rd principle:

+ Not to go into water if not swimming or body is too weak.

+ No swimming or muddling Brief clothing when swimming.

+ Not swimming or mudding when weather is or is moving badly (such as heavy rain, thunderbolt, clay warm,…) and not swimming or swimming in dirty water.

- Always vigilate, carefully when playing near ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams.

- To eliminate the risk of drowning water to children in communities, families and schools.

- Swimming and swimming in case of being supervised by adults.



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