Technical regulations on dismantlement of works in construction

The Ministry of Construction has issued Circular 16/2021/TT-BXD promulgating QCVN 18:2021/BXD Technical regulations National Art on Safety in Construction.

Regulations on the use of explosives, hammers when dismantling the works?

Pursuant to the subsection 2.15 Section 2 of National technical regulation on safety in construction promulgated together with the Circular No. 16/2021/TT-BXD on the use of explosives, hammers and hammers upon demolition of construction works as follows:

- When using explosives to dismantle works or part of works, the employers must establish the dangerous areas caused by explosion. Explosives used in explosives shall be demolished by experienced persons in accordance with regulations of law on management and use of weapons, explosives, explosives precursors and combat gears, regulations in 2.17 and other regulations of this document.

Note: When establishing dangerous areas, it is required to see additionally provisions in

-  When using explosives, the employers must have specific plans for the narrow, cleaning and emergency escape when necessary. The measure of shielding and protecting dangerous areas must be taken at a high level of BAT but not be considered the sole method of BAT.

- When using such equipment as excavators and bulldozers for demolition, characteristics and dimensions of the demolition structures and the capacity of the equipment must be taken into consideration. Use of shovel-bulldozers specified in 2.5.

- When using serious results for dismantlement:

+ The minimum width of a construction work is 1.5 times the height of the construction work which is demolished around the construction work;

NOTE: Adding the regulations on dangerous areas at

+ The severe results must be controlled to avoid collision with other structures or works in the vicinity of the dismantled works.

- When using grab (or hammer head) for dismantlement, the dangerous area must have a minimum distance of 8 m from the movement road of bucket (or hammer head).

- While conducting demolition, if there is no measure to BAT to prevent danger from dropped objects, a safety support floor must be installed along the wall or outer edge of the to-be-dismantled work. Safe support platform must have the minimum width of 1.5 m and minimum load bearing capacity of 6.0 kN/m2. Besides, in order to avoid dropped objects from the safety support floor, a safety net must be added vertically.

Technical regulations on dismantlement of works in construction

Regulations on dismantlement of walls and breaking of the floor?

Pursuant to subsection 2.15 Section 2 of the national technical regulation on safety in construction promulgated together with the Circular No. 16/2021/TT-BXD prescribing the demolition of walls and the demolition of floors as follows:

- The wall must be demolished according to each floor and in order from the roof down to the bottom.

-  For independent walls, it is required to have appropriate supporting or anchoring measures to prevent the risk of fall inside intention.

- There must be work floors or paths suitable to the floor characteristics, standing position, machinery and equipment used for pavement of workers.

- Open holes for transfer of scrap to the bottom must be fenced around.

- For the floor swamp, the demolition must comply with the order from the secondary beam to the main beam in order to prevent the risk of collapse of structure.

Circular No. 16/2021/TT-BXD comes into force from June 20, 2022.

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