Business lines with conditional market access for foreign investors in Vietnam from March 26, 2021

In addition to regulations on business lines that are restricted from market access for foreign investors, Decree 31/2021/ND-CP instructions Law on Investment 2020 which has just been promulgated by the Government also specifically lists the Business lines with conditional market access for foreign investors in Vietnam from March 26, 2021

Business lines with conditional market access for foreign investors in Vietnam from March 26, 2021 (Illustration)

Specifically, according to Appendix I issued together with Decree 31/2021/ND-CP, the list of business lines with conditional market access for foreign investors in Vietnam from March 26, 2021, includes:

1. Manufacture and distribution of media products, including video recordings.

2. Manufacture, distribution, broadcasting of TV programs, stage performances and cinematic works.

3. Provision of audio and television broadcasting services.

4. Insurance; banking, securities trading and relevant services.

5. Postal and telecommunications services.

6. Advertising services.

7. Printing and publishing services.

8. Geodesy and cartography services.

9. Aerial photography services.

10. Education services.

11. Survey, extraction and processing of natural resources, minerals and petroleum.

12. Hydropower, offshore wind power and nuclear power.

13. Transport of goods and passengers by rail, air, road, river, sea, pipeline.

14. Fisheries.

15. Forestry and hunting.

16. Betting and casino business.

17. Security services.

18. Construction, operation and management of river ports, seaports and airports.

19. Real estate business.

20. Legal services.

21. Veterinary services.

22. Trade in goods and activities directly related to trade in goods of foreign service providers in Vietnam.

23. Technical analysis and inspection services.

24. Tourism services.

25. Health and social services.

26. Sports and entertainment services.

27. Paper production.

28. Manufacture of vehicles with more than 29 seats.

29. Development and operation of traditional markets.

30. Operation of Goods Exchanges

31. LCL consolidation services.

32. Audit, accounting and tax services.

33. Valuation services; valuation of enterprises serving equitization.

34. Services relevant to agriculture, forestry, aquaculture.

35. Manufacture of airplanes.

36. Manufacture of locomotives and railway carriages.

37. Manufacture, sale tobacco products, tobacco ingredients, equipment for tobacco industry.

38. Publisher’s activities.

39. Building and repair of seagoing ships.

40. Waste collection services, environmental monitoring services.

41. Commercial arbitration services, arbitration mediation services

42. Logistics services.

43. Coastal transport services.

44. Farming, manufacture or processing of rare and valuable plants, breeding of rare, valuable wild animals and processing thereof, including live animals and their products;

45. Manufacture of building materials.

46. Construction and relevant technical services.

47. Motorcycle assembly.

48. Services relevant to sports, fine art, performing art, fashion show, beauty pageant and other entertainment activities.

49. Auxiliary services for air transport; ground services at airports; catering services on aircraft; navigation information services, air navigation and control services, meteorological services.

50. Shipping agencies; towing services

51. Services relevant to cultural heritages, copyrights and related rights, photography, video recording, audio recording, art exhibitions, festivals, libraries, museums;

52. Services relevant to tourism promotion and advertising.

53. Representation, recruitment, scheduling, management services for artists and athletes.

54. Family-related services.

55. E-commerce activities.

56. Cemetery business, cemetery services and funeral services.

57. Aerial application.

58. Marine pilotages;

59. Business lines in which investment is under pilot mechanisms of the National Assembly, Standing committee of the National Assembly, the Government or the Prime Minister of Vietnam.

More details can be found in Vietnam's Decree 31/2021/ND-CP which takes effect from March 26, 2021.


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