Signing of land types on cadastral maps in Vietnam

Cadastral maps in Vietnam are the maps showing the land plots and relevant geographical elements, made according to administrative units of communes, wards or townships, and certified by competent Vietnamese state agencies. What is the symbol of land types in the cadastral diagram with different elements, including the symbols of land types as ODT, LUC, RSX, etc. What do you mean by this soil symbol?

Signing of land types on cadastral maps in Vietnam

According to Article 8 of Circular No. 25/2014/TT-BTNMT, types of land shown on cadastral map in Vietnam have meaning as follows:

* Agricultural land group:

- Wet rice-farming land: LUC

- Remaining wet rice land: LUK

- Kidney land: LUN

- Land with other annual crops: BHK

- Perennial crop land: CLN

- Production forest land: RSX

- Protective forest land: RPH

- Special-use forest land: RDD

- Land for aquaculture: NTS

- Salt-making land: LMU

- Other agricultural land: NKH

* Non-agricultural land group:

- Residential land in rural areas: ONT

- Urban residential land: ODT

- Land for office building: TSC

- Land for building head offices of non-business organizations: DTS

- Land for the construction of cultural establishments: DVH

- Land for construction of medical establishments: DYT

- Land for construction of education and training institutions: DGD

- Land for building sports facilities: DTT

- Land for the construction of science and technology: DKH

- Land for building social service establishments: DXH

- Land for construction of diplomatic missions: DNG

- Land for construction of other non-business facilities: DSK

- Land for national defense: CQP

- Security land: CAN

- Land for industrial parks: SKK

- Land of export processing zones: SKT

- Land for industrial clusters: SKN

- Land for non-agricultural production establishments: SKC

- Land for trading and services: TMD

- Land used for mineral activities: SKS

- Land for production of construction materials and ceramic products: SKX

- Land for transportation: DGT

- Irrigation land: DTL

- Land for energy works: DNL

- Land for post and telecommunications works: DBV

- Community-based land for daily life: DSH

- Land for public recreation and entertainment centers: DKV

- Market land: DCH

- Land with historical-cultural relics: DDT

- Farm land: DDL

- Waste dumping and waste treatment land: DRA

- Land for other public works: DCK

- Land for religious establishments: TON

- Land used for belief establishments: TIN

- Land for cemeteries, graveyards, funeral parlours, crematoria: NTD

- Land of rivers, canals, ditches and streams: SON

- Land with special-use water surface: MNC

- Other non-agricultural land: PNK

* Groups of unused land:

- Unused flat land: BCS

- Unused hills and mountains: DCS

- Rock mountains without forests: NCS

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