04 ways to check whether the land is in dispute or not?

Here are 4 ways to check if land is in dispute to help buyers avoid many risks when signing a land use right transfer contract.

04 ways to check whether the land is in dispute or not?

04 ways to check whether the land is in dispute or not? (Illustration)

Method 1:  Contact the People's Committee of the ward or commune where the land is located or the cadastral official of the ward and township where the land is located to find out who is submitting a dispute resolution application or the actual land dispute (dispute but not yet submitted).

Method 2:  Find out information through the people around or the owner, the land user of the adjacent land.

Method 3:  Contact the civil judgment enforcement agency to find out if the land parcel is related to the enforcement of the judgment to settle land disputes.

Method 4:  Apply for land information at the Office/Branch of the land registration office where the land parcel is located.

Step 1 Submit a request form according to form 01/PYC issued together with  Circular 34/2014/TT-BTNMT  at the district-level Single Window or the land registration office/branch where the land parcel is located.

Form No. 01/PYC


- How to submit:

+ Submit directly at the land data agency;

+ Send by official letter, fax, post office;

+ Send by email or through the land portal.

Step 2 :  Receive and resolve 

When receiving a valid request form, the receiving agency is obliged to:

- Provide information to requesters

- Notice the amount to be paid 

- If they refuse to provide information, they must reply in writing and clearly state the reason

* Note: 

Cases of refusal to provide information under Article 13 of  Circular 34/2014/TT-BTNMT  include:

- Documents, request forms for data provision with unclear and specific contents; request to provide data under the scope of state secret is not in accordance with regulations.

- The written request is not signed by the authorized person and stamped for certification of the organization; the request form does not have the signature, name and specific address of the individual requesting the data.

- The purpose of using the data is not in accordance with the provisions of the law.

- Failure to fulfill financial obligations as prescribed.

At the same time, the cost of checking land information depends on the regulations of each province, usually ranging from 150,000 to 300,000 VND.

Step 3 :  Return the result

The deadline for returning results is specified as follows:

- In case the request is received before 15:00, the land registration office must provide it on the same day;

- In case the request is received after 15 hours, the provision of land data shall be made on the next working day;

- In case of request for provision of land data in the form of a contract, the time limit shall be agreed upon by both parties in the contract.

Legal grounds:

- Clause 1, Article 188  of the 2013 Land Law ;

- Articles 11 and 12 of  Circular 34/2014/TT-BTNMT .



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