Vietnam: Application and procedures for birth registration in 2022

Birth registration is a basic right of Vietnamese citizens since birth. Currently, citizens who want to register their birth must prepare documents and follow the procedures in Vietnam as follows:

1. Birth registration application

1.1 Documents to be presented

- Passport/ID card/CCCD or other papers with photo and personal information attached by a competent authority, still valid for use to prove the identity of the person requesting birth registration;

- Proof of residence to prove the authority to register birth; in case the child's parents have registered their marriage, they must present a marriage certificate (during the transitional period).

If the application is sent via the postal system, it must be enclosed with certified copies of the documents required above.

1.2 Documents to be submitted

Persons going to register for birth, after presenting their identification papers, must submit 1 set of the following documents:

- Declaration of birth registration according to the form.

- Original Birth Certificate; if the birth certificate is not available, the witness's document certifying the birth shall be submitted; if there is no witness, there must be a written commitment about the birth;

- If a child is abandoned, there must be a record of the abandonment made by a competent agency.

-In the case of birth registration for children born as a result of surrogacy, a written certification from a medical facility that has performed assisted reproductive techniques for the surrogate is required.

- Power of attorney (certified) as prescribed by law in case of authorization to carry out birth registration.


- For documents submitted and presented:

If the person is requested to submit a copy issued from the master book or a certified copy of the original, he/she shall not be required to present the original;

If the applicant only submits a photocopy and presents the original, the person receiving the dossier shall check and compare the photocopy with the original and sign the photocopy to certify that the contents of the documents have been checked. The applicant then shall not be required to submit a copy of that document.

+ For paper documents presented during civil status registration, the recipient is responsible for checking and comparing the information in the declaration, taking pictures or recording information to save in the file, and returning it to the applicant; no copy or photocopy of such document is required.

+ The recipient is responsible for properly and fully receiving civil status registration dossiers in accordance with the civil status law, and must not require civil status registrants to submit additional papers which are not required by civil status law to be submitted. .

- In case the person going to register the birth of a child is a grandfather, grandmother, or other relative, a written authorization from the child's parents is not required, but must agree with the child's parents on the birth information.

- For determining surnames, ethnicities, and naming children:

+ The identification of family names, ethnicities, and naming of children must be in accordance with the law and the requirement to preserve the fine national identity, customs, and cultural traditions of Vietnam; Not to long or hard to read.

+ If the parents are unable to agree on the child's family name, ethnicity, and hometown at the time of birth registration, the child's family name, ethnicity, and hometown will be determined according to custom, but must follow the parents' family name and ethnicity, and hometown.

- In case the civil status registration applicant is allowed to make a written commitment on the contents of the civil status registration request, the civil status registration agency must clearly explain to the maker of the commitment document about the responsibility and legal consequences of the untruthful undertaking.

The civil status registration agency shall refuse to settle or request the competent agency to cancel the civil status registration result, if there are grounds to determine that the contents of the undertaking are untrue.

Vietnam: Application and procedures for birth registration in 2022 (Source: Internet)

2. Procedures for birth registration in Vietnam

- Persons who request birth registration shall submit dossiers (including the above documents) at the competent commune-level People's Committees.

- The recipient is responsible for immediately checking the entire dossier, comparing the information in the declaration and the validity of the papers in the dossier submitted and presented by the requester.

- If the application is complete and valid, the person receiving the application shall write a receipt, clearly stating the date and time of returning the results;

If the application is incomplete or incomplete, the applicant shall be instructed to supplement and complete the application as prescribed;

In case it is not possible to supplement or complete the dossier immediately, a written instruction must be made, clearly stating the type of paper and the content to be supplemented, completed, and signed, clearly stating the full name, middle name, and name of the applicant. receive.

- Immediately after receiving the prescribed papers, if the birth registration information is found to be complete and appropriate, the judicial - civil status officer shall report it to the Chairman of the commune-level People's Committee.

If the Chairman of the commune-level People's Committee agrees to settle the matter, the judicial and civil status officer shall update the birth registration information according to the instructions to obtain the Personal Identification Number, record the birth registration information in the Birth Registration Book, and guide the person going to register the birth to check the contents of the birth certificate and the birth registration book, and sign in the book.

The Chairman of the Commune People's Committee signs the birth certificate issued to the person who is registered for birth. The number of copies of the birth certificate is issued upon request.

3. Submission of the birth registration application

- Persons who request birth registration directly perform or authorize others to perform birth registration;

- Persons who carry out the birth registration can directly submit the application at the competent commune-level People's Committee or send the application through the postal system, or submit the application through the online civil status registration system.

4. Fee for Birth Registration in Vietnam

- For cases of birth registration not on time: according to the fee rate set by the People's Council of the province.

- Exemption of fees for on-time birth registration, family members with meritorious services to the revolution; people from poor households; People with disabilities.

5. Notes when registering a child's birth

- Within 60 days from the date of birth, the parent is responsible for registering the birth of the child; In the event that a parent cannot register the birth of a child, the grandfather or grandmother or other relatives or the individual or organization that is raising the child shall have to register the birth of the child.

- In case of birth registration for an abandoned child, after receiving the notice, the commune-level People's Committee chairperson or commune-level police chief shall organize the making of a report on the abandonment of the child.

The commune-level People's Committees shall post up at the headquarters of the People's Committees for 07 consecutive days about the abandoned children. At the end of the posting time limit, if there is no information on the child's biological father or mother, the commune-level People's Committee shall notify the individual or organization that is temporarily raising the child to register the child's birth.

- In case the child's father cannot be identified, the child's surname, ethnicity, hometown, and nationality shall be determined according to the mother's family name, ethnicity, hometown, and nationality; the section about the child's father is left blank. If at the time of birth registration, the father requests to carry out the procedures to receive the child, the child's recognition and birth registration will be handled together.

The child has not yet identified the mother, but when registering the birth of the child, the father requests to carry out the procedures to recognize the child. The child's recognition and birth registration shall be handled together; the section about the child's mother is left blank.

- In case the child is not an abandoned child and both parents have not been identified, the same procedure shall be carried out as for the birth registration for the abandoned child, but in the civil status book it is clearly stated that "The child has not yet identified the father, mom".

Legal basis: Section 1, part II of the Appendix issued together with Decision 1872/QD-BTP

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