If a person sharing the household with the dead person is naturally entitled to the inheritance?

2015 Civil Code Heirs shall be prescribed.

What is the person in the same household registration

The Law on Residence 2020 has no longer prescribed the concept of household registration book.

However, under Article 24 of the 2006 Law on Residence, household registration books are specified as follows:

"Article 24. Household registration book

1. Household registration books shall be granted to households or individuals that have registered their permanent residence and are valid for determining citizens' places of permanent residence.

2. Household registration books which are damaged may be changed; if lost, they may be re-granted.

3. The Ministry of Public Security shall issue the forms of household registration books and guide the grant, re-grant, renewal, use and management of household registration books uniformly nationwide."

Accordingly, a household registration shareholder is understood as a person who has registered his/her permanent residence at the same place and is named in the granted household registration book.

Are those who inherit the property

According to Article 609 of the 2015 Civil Code:

"Article 609.- Right to inheritance

To request the land use right assignor to transfer the land in strict accordance with the land acreage, grade, category, location, code number and conditions as agreed upon;

The heirs who are not individuals shall have the right to inherit under the will."

According to Article 649 of the 2015 Civil Code:

"Article 649.- Article 54.- Inheritance at law

Inheritance at law means inheritance under inheritance, conditions and order of inheritance provided for by law."

According to Article 626 of the 2015 Civil Code:

"Article 626.- Rights of administrators of estates

A testator has the following rights:

1. The land use right certificate;

2. Disclaimer of inheritance

3. To reserve part of the property in the heritage for donation or worship.

4. To assign the obligations to the heirs.

5. Appointing a testator, heir manager or inheritor."

Heirs therefore shall be inherited in two forms of inheritance under the will or in accordance with the law.

Therefore, if the estate leaver designates an heir under his/her will, the heir shall be entitled to receive the inheritance. If there is no testament, the division of the estate shall be effected according to the inheritance goods.

The named in the household registration book is merely the case in which a individual is allowed to register his/her permanent residence in that household registration book. The rights to broadcasts shall include the rights to perform or forbid other persons to perform the following acts:

If a person sharing the household with the dead person is naturally entitled to the inheritance?

What will be inherited in accordance with regulations of law

Pursuant to Article 650 of the 2015 Civil Code:

- The inheritance at law shall apply in the following cases:

+ No will;

+ Invalid will;

+ Where an heir under a will dies prior to or at the same time as the bequeather, the beneficiary under the will no longer exists at the time of commencement of the inheritance;

+ The heirs under the will do not have the right to inherit or refuse to receive the estate.

- The inheritance at law shall also apply to the following parts of the heritage:

Unilateral property;

+ The property share related to the invalid part of a will;

+ The bequeathed property is related to the beneficiary under the will but such beneficiary has no right to inherit, has disclaimed the bequeathed property, has died or has died simultaneously with the bequeather, or in a relation to the beneficiary under the will, but no longer exists at the time the will is opened.


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