Content of the Code of Conduct on social media in Vietnam

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Content of the Code of Conduct on social media in Vietnam (Internet image)

1. Objectives of the Code of Conduct for social media in Vietnam

The Code of Conduct for social media in Vietnam is issued to:

- Enable development of healthy social media in Vietnam, guarantee personal freedom, business freedom, indiscrimination of domestic and foreign suppliers, and conformity to standards, regulations and international agreements to which Vietnam is a signatory;

- Develop moral standards regarding behaviors and responses on social media, educate awareness, create positive habits in behaviors of social media users, and develop a safe, healthy cyberspace in Vietnam.

2. Content of the Code of Conduct for Social Media in Vietnam

The content of the Code of Conduct on social media is prescribed in Decision 874/QD-BTTTT in 2021 as follows:

(1) General code of conduct

General code of conduct refers to principles applied to all groups:

- Respect for the law: Comply with Vietnamese regulations and law, respect legal rights and benefits of organizations, individuals.

- Healthy: Behaviors and responses on social media must conform to moral values, culture, and traditions of Vietnamese people.

- Information safety and security: Comply with regulations and guidelines on information safety and security.

- Accountability: Assume responsibilities for behaviors and responses on social media; cooperate with authorities in dealing with behaviors and contents violating regulations and law.

(2) Code of conduct for organizations and individuals

- Acknowledge and comply with terms on use guidelines social media service providers before registering and joining social media.

- Use real name or individuals and organizations, agencies, and register with service provider to verify name, website address and contact point when joining, using social media.

- Adopt solutions for managing, securing password of social media accounts, and immediately inform authorities and service providers when accounts of organizations, individuals are beyond their control, impersonated, exploited and used for unhealthy purposes, affecting national security and social order, affecting legal rights and benefits of organizations, individuals.

- Share information from reliable and trustworthy sources.

- Behave and respond according to moral values culture, and traditions of Vietnamese people; do not incite aggression, hatred, origin discrimination, sexism, or religious discrimination.

- Do no upload contents violating regulations and law, or information defaming, affecting legal rights and benefits of other organizations, individuals; do not use sensitive language, violating fine traditions; do not distribute false information; do not advertise, operate illegal businesses, etc. do not cause aggression among social discussion, affecting social order and safety.

- Encourage using social media to publicize and advertise Vietnamese country - people, cultural, sharing positive information and good people.

- Encourage relatives, friends and people around to educate, protect, and enable children, juveniles to use social media safely, healthily.

(3) Code of conduct for officials, public employees and workers in government agencies

- Officials, public employees and workers in government agencies shall conform up to (2).

- Conform with regulations of their agencies, organizations regarding provision of information on social media.

- Inform supervisory authorities for timely solutions, responses, and resolutions in case of controversies, information violating regulations and law relating to their tasks, functions, powers, and governing sectors.

(4) Code of conduct for regulatory authorities

- Conform to (2).

- Assume responsibilities for managing, securing password of social media and immediately informing service providers when accounts of agencies, organizations are beyond their control or impersonated.

- Provide information on social media consistently with information provided on other mainstream media.

- Provide responses on social media regarding issues related to functions, tasks, and powers of their agencies, organizations.

(5) Code of conduct for social media service providers

- Publicize terms of services, including all rights and obligations of service providers and users.

- Publicize measures for detecting, informing and cooperating with authorities to intercept, prevent and eliminate information violating copyright, regulations, and law.

- Upon receiving notice on removing information violating copyrights, regulations and law from competent authorities, social media service providers must cooperate with organizations, individuals that use social media to take actions as per Vietnamese regulations and law.

- Guide social media users, assist, and protect legal rights, benefits of the weaker individuals (poor people, ethnics, children, juveniles, persons with disabilities, etc.) in using social media safely and healthily to avoid being exploited, abused, and assaulted mentally on social media; adopt measures to guarantee safety and healthy development of children and juveniles on social media as per Vietnamese laws.

- Respect the right to receive information protection of users, do not collect personal data, do not provide information of social media users to a third party without the owners’ consent.

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