Working and resting time with medical staff to prevent COVID-19

Healthcare workers working for COVID-19 prevention and control face many risks, so it is necessary to reduce stress and fatigue for medical staff by arranging suitable working and resting time for them. medical staff.

Working and resting time with medical staff to prevent COVID-19

Time to work and rest with medical staff to prevent COVID-19 (Illustration image)

This is the content of Decision 838/QD-BYT dated April 5, 2022 guiding occupational safety and hygiene for medical staff in the prevention and control of COVID-19.

Specifically, in order to ensure occupational safety and health for medical staff in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, in addition to measures for each specific risk factor, medical facilities need to arrange a time Appropriate work and rest for healthcare workers to prevent fatigue:

- Working time :

+ Each week should arrange 05 8-hour shifts or 04 10-hour shifts.

+ Schedule shorter working hours at night. Organize shift shifts in the right direction (morning shift, afternoon shift, night shift) and taking into account the wishes of medical staff and local conditions.

+ For 12-hour shifts, arrange "lighter" jobs (such as administrative work).

+ For jobs with high work intensity, physical exertion, harsh working environment or exposure to other OSH risks, shorter shifts are arranged.

+ Shorten working shift time (if possible);

- Rest time:

+ Working 5 consecutive 8-hour shifts or 4 10-hour shifts must arrange one or two days off.

+ Working 3 consecutive shifts lasting 12 hours must arrange 02 days off.

+ When working for at least 10 consecutive hours per day, 7-8 hours must be arranged to sleep and after 14 consecutive working days, 48 ​​hours must be taken;

+ Break: Regularly arrange a short break between hours (every 1 to 2 working hours); allow longer lunch/dinner breaks.

+ Time to rest and recuperate: Develop policies on appropriate working and resting hours.

In addition, it is necessary to provide nutritious meals. At the same time, arrange accommodation for medical staff when performing urgent tasks when needed, have adequate food and water, ensure nutrition and safety; have restrooms and recreational facilities (TVs, exercise equipment, sports, etc.), maintain physical distancing and maintain other COVID-19 precautions.

See more at Decision 838/QD-BYT dated April 5, 2022.



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