Vietnam: Soon to publicize Lunar New Year holiday schedule and bonus in 2023

When will the enterprise publicize the time to pay Tet holiday bonuses and Tet holiday schedule in 2023? – Diem Huong (HCMC, Vietnam).

The Ho Chi Minh City Labor Confederation promulgates Vietnam's Plan 61/KH-LDLD in 2022 on organizing to take care of the Lunar New Year in 2023 for trade union members, workers, officials, and laborers of the city.

Vietnam: Soon to publicize Lunar New Year holiday schedule and bonus in 2023 (Source: Internet)

The 2023 Lunar New Year holiday schedule and bonus will be announced in Vietnam soon.

To organize the care for employees on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2023, the immediate superior and the grassroots trade union:

- Based on the content of this plan and specific plans on the content of Tet care activities, the immediate superior trade unions at grassroots level actively develop plans to take care of the Lunar New Year 2023 according to the orientation; and select an organization operating under Section III in accordance with the practical situation and quickly and widely deploy it to grassroots trade unions.

- The direct superior trade union at the grassroots level can organize the "Love Fair-New Year's Union" in the form of online and face-to-face interactions 
(depending on actual conditions, it is possible to coordinate with the Center for Social Work and the City Labor Culture Palace to implement); mobilize member welfare units to participate; provide financial support; donate products and services; or have preferential programs during Tet.

- Make statistics and review trade union members with difficult circumstances, excellent union members, elite union members, and typical trade union members in production and business, organizing to take care of Tet fully and thoughtfully according to the motto " Tet comes to all union members and workers."

- The grassroots trade union joins with leaders of units and businesses to develop a plan to pay salaries in January 2023, bonuses and other benefits that enterprises will implement during the Lunar New Year;

Early publicize the time of bonus payment and the Tet holiday schedule so that employees know and feel secure in production; if the enterprise is in difficulty and cannot afford to pay salaries or bonuses, promptly report it to the grassroots' immediate superior trade union for assistance.

- Coordinate with the employer to promptly resolve the recommendations and problems of the employees related to the policy regime, such as salary payment, Tet bonus, Tet holiday, etc.

- Make a list of businesses that owe arrears, evade social insurance payments, are often late in paying wages or are in debt to employees, and often have labor disputes and send them to the City Labor Union (via the Policy and Law Department) no later than November 15, 2022 to summarize and propose the City Department of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs to inspect and inspect the implementation of the labor law.

- By December 15, 2022, the immediate superior trade union at the grassroots level shall coordinate with the social insurance agency and the local state management agency in charge of labor to review and grasp the list of businesses facing difficulties (debt on social insurance, often late in paying wages or owing salaries to employees, enterprises announcing their inability to pay salaries, Tet bonuses, etc.) to advise party committees, authorities, and functional sectors to join with employers in coordinating to solve and avoid collective labor disputes before, during, and after Tet.

- Coordinate with local authorities in propagating through local media, newsletters, and units on Tet care activities of trade unions at all levels. Continue to organize activities to improve the cultural and spiritual life to ensure thrift, avoid ostentatious appearance, and give special priority to practical care for workers.

- Make a quick report on the situation of taking care of Tet and promptly notify the arising problems at 15:00 every Thursday, starting from December 8, 2022 to January 12, 2023; report on the results of the unit's Tet care no later than 11:00 on January 16, 2023, and send it to the City Confederation of Labor through the Legal Policy Department and via email:

Entities eligible to receive support during the Lunar New Year 2023 in Vietnam

The beneficiaries of the Lunar New Year 2023 are cadres, trade unionists, workers, public employees, and laborers of the city in difficult circumstances, including:

- Trade union members and workers suffering from occupational accidents

- Trade union members, employees, or spouses or children with terminal illnesses or serious illnesses who are hospitalized for treatment or are receiving outpatient treatment at home.

- Trade union members and employees who lose their jobs due to business difficulties have to downsize production, cease operation, dissolve, go bankrupt, or relocate the enterprise to another place; business owners run away or do not receive Tet bonuses from enterprises at the time of taking care of Tet; pregnant female workers; trade union members raising children under 36 months old.

- Union members at trade unions and public service units.

- Trade union members and trade union members' children receive heart surgery in difficult circumstances in the program "Trai tim tinh nghia".

- Workers in difficult circumstances at units that have not yet established trade unions but whose enterprises have paid trade union fees.

- Trade union members, employees working in remote areas or hazardous environments

- Excellent trade unionist; typical trade unionist in production labor.

- Particularly for other unexpected difficulties that do not fall under the criteria specified in the plan, the Standing Committee of the superior trade union shall consider and decide to take care of them according to its competence (based on the proposal of the grassroots trade union) to ensure the right audience, transparency, and accuracy.

* Principle of considering Tet care from the grassroots level. In really difficult cases, make a list of proposals to the immediate superiors' unions or the city's trade union for support.

* Determine the difficulty criteria considered by the grassroots trade union in accordance with the reality at the unit, and submit it for approval to the immediate superior trade union.

Note: Employees only receive the most beneficial form of care without duplication.

More details can be found in Vietnam's Plan 61/KH-LDLD in 2022 in 2022.

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