Vietnam: Responsibilities of manufacturers of motorized goods four-wheelers

Recently, the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam has issued the Circular No. 16/2014/TT-BGTVT providing the conditions on motorized goods four-wheelers and their operators when joining road traffic.

Trách nhiệm của Cơ sở sản xuất xe chở hàng bốn bánh có gắn động cơ, Thông tư 16/2014/TT-BGTVT

According to Article 16 of the Circular No. 16/2014/TT-BGTVT of the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam, responsibilities of manufacturers of motorized goods four-wheelers are as follows:

- To take responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of dossiers and documents provided to the Vietnam Register.

- To collaborate with the Vietnam Register in the course of product quality inspection and examination.

- To recall products under Article 22 of the Law on protection of consumers’ rights of Vietnam when detecting technically faulty products as follows:

+ Promptly take all necessary measures to stop the supply of defective goods in the market;

+ Inform publicly about the defective goods and the recovery of the goods by at least 05 consecutive issues of daily newspaper or 05 consecutive days through the radio or television in area where such goods are circulated;

+ Implementation of the recovery of the defective goods in line with the publicly-informed content and bear the expenses incurred in the recalling process;

+ Reporting the results to the provincial state management agency for the protection of consumers’ interests where the recovery of the defective goods take place after completion of the recall.

- To develop quality management systems to ensure the quality of mass-produced products.

- To take responsibility before law for violations of regulations on protected industrial property rights.

- Store the saved part of the Ex-factory Quality Control Sheet, the product's quality inspection records for at least 03 years from the date of vehicle release. When destroying this document, the manufacturer must ensure the retrieval of data for the recall.

View more details at the Circular No. 16/2014/TT-BGTVT of the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam, effective from July 01, 2014.

Thuy Tram


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