Vietnam: Regulation on overall design of national satellite navigation station

Recently, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam has issued the Circular No. 03/2020/TT-BTNMT on technical regulations on national satellite navigation network.

Quy định về thiết kế sơ bộ trạm định vị vệ tinh quốc gia, Thông tư 03/2020/TT-BTNMT

According to Article 5 of the Circular No. 03/2020/TT-BTNMT of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam, national satellite navigation station consisting of 2 types designed according to use purposes as follows:

1. Continuous operating reference stations: distributed evenly nationwide, with average distance between stations of 150 km – 200 km, used as the national coordinate reference, scientific research and serving survey and mapping. Positions of 24 constructed continuous operating reference stations 999re displayed under Annex 1 of this Circular, from 1 to 3 stations among which participate in the IGS network;

2. Continuous operating stations: positioned in between continuous operating reference stations with average distance between stations of 50 km – 70 km, this distance may be increased up to 100 km.  Continuous operating stations combine with the continuous operating reference stations to create a national satellite navigation network capable of providing navigation services in real time with accuracy in cm and meeting most of accuracy requirements in survey and mapping.


- The design process must prioritize installation in areas already equipped with infrastructure such as natural resource and environment monitor facilities, local agencies specialized in natural resource and environment and People’s Committees of all levels to reduce expenditure on investment and operation while ensuring data stability and security. 

- At the end of the preliminary design process, display general positions of all national satellite navigation stations on a 1:1,000,000 nation topographic map. Specific position of each station must be displayed on a 1:50,000 national topographic map or larger to serve as the basis for survey and choosing station location.

View more details at the Circular No. 03/2020/TT-BTNMT of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam, effective from July 15, 2020.

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