Vietnam: Is "Sugar baby - Sugar daddy" considered an act of prostitution?

Recently, through research on the Internet, I saw that the online community talked a lot about the act of prostitution called "Sugar Baby" and "Sugar Daddy." Dear Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, please let me know if "Sugar Baby, Sugar Daddy" is an act of prostitution. Is this behavior illegal or not? How does it operate? What are the consequences of this behavior for young people and society?

"Sugar Baby, Sugar Daddy," in response to reader Nguyen Quang Van's question about prostitution. Pursuant to Articles 327 and 328 of the Criminal Code 2015, criminal liability is only prosecuted for the acts of "containing prostitution and brokering prostitution." Therefore, those who set up the group "Sugar Baby" and "Sugar Daddy" on social networking sites for the purpose of brokering prostitution, operating in the form of "Adopted Father, Adoptive Mother, Adopted Brother...  ", in order to gain illicit profits,
will be handled in accordance with the law.

- A sugar baby's and sugar daddy's method of operation:

The subject of the offense is the group leader (admin) and members participating in the management ofTwitter, et ce andera closed gro. ps, closed fsugar Sugar baby, Sugar daddy operating on social networking sites such aTelegram Facebook, Telegam, Twite... These subjects often post information and images to advertise and introduce the need for sex trading to perform prostitution brokerage.

Team leaders (admin) are professional sex brokers who can directly participate in prostitution. Through social relationships or by collecting personal information of people who want to sell sex on social networking sites, the group leader will create a closed group that gathers sex workers (i.e., sugar babies). Then make advertising forms and introduce information about sex workers on this group for sex buyers to contact directly. In addition to being able to set up and run many different closed groups, a sex worker can also join many different closed groups to perform sex acts.

+ The group leader (admin) can be the person who collects the objects that need to buy sex (for example, sugar, daddy, and mammy).From there, information about sex workers (name, age, picture, price) will be posted on the group for people wishing to buy sex to choose and contact. Sex buyers can also join various secret groups to find sex workers.

- Impact of Sugar baby - Sugar daddy relationships on young people and society:

In terms of ethics and society, subjects such as "adopted father," "adopted mother," and "adopted child" exhibit deviations in thinking and loose lifestyles.This demonstrates the moral degradation and degradation in today's society, which has very serious consequences such as: divorce, divorce, broken families; students, students lose their personality and lose themselves, like to enjoy, are too lazy to work, and have unwanted abortions, which leads to infertility.In addition, this is one of the causes leading to cases of public disorder caused by jealousy, fraud, appropriation of property, etc.

It should be noted that using the form of an adoptive father, adoptive mother, or adopted child to perform sexual acts when they are not yet 13 years old can be considered rape; if there is no element of sex trafficking when they are full 13 to under 16 years old, this will be considered the act of "having intercourse or performing other sexual acts with a person aged full 13 to under 16" and handled in accordance with Article 145 of the Criminal Code


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