To provide press information on the content of Report on salary policy reform roadmap in Vietnam

To provide press information on the content of Report on salary policy reform roadmap in Vietnam is the notable point specified in the communication plan of the Ministry of Home Affair in 2023.

Báo cáo về lộ trình cải cách chính sách tiền lương là nội dung trọng tâm tuyên truyền

To provide press information on the content of Report on salary policy reform roadmap in Vietnam (Internet image)

To provide press information on the content of Report on salary policy reform roadmap in Vietnam

Content mentioned in Decision 199/QD-BNV Communication Plan on Working Fields of the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2023

For example, for the report on the salary policy reform roadmap and the allocation of state budget funds for salary policy reform in the period after 2023, information will be provided to the press.

The implementation period is July 2023.

The agencies in charge of coordinating the propaganda include:

- Ministry Office

- Journal of State Organization

- Information Center (web portal of the Ministry of Home Affairs)

- Related units

- News agencies and the press outside the Ministry

Key tasks of the Ministry of Home Affairs' Communication Plan on Sectors in Vietnam 2023

- Promote communication on important political and current events of the party and state in 2023 and the following years. Provide timely information to the press on the fields of state management activities of the Ministry.

- Synthesize, provide information and propagate about the process of building and perfecting institutions and policies in the field of Home Affairs; especially focus on propagating the continuation of the implementation of Resolutions 18 and 19 of the 12th Central Committee; the focus is on reviewing, arranging, consolidating and streamlining the focal points inside state administrative agencies and public non-business units of ministries, branches and localities; amending and supplementing the policy of downsizing the payroll and settling the redundant contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees after rearranging the organizational apparatus and administrative units at all levels; perfecting policies and laws on autonomy of public non-business units and socialization of public services.

- Strengthen information and communication on the arrangement of administrative units at district and commune levels in the period of 2022–2025, with a vision to 2030; the establishment of urban administrative units associated with improving urban quality and accelerating urbanization according to the party's guidelines; reform of the civil service and civil servants, basically perfecting the model of the civil service regime according to job position; mechanisms and policies to discover, attract, and utilize talents and encourage cadres to be dynamic, creative, dare to think, dare to do, and dare to make breakthroughs for the common good; salary policy reform roadmap;

- Disseminate about the implementation process of digital transformation project phases 1 and 2 of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Home Office in association with the building of e-government.

- Strengthen communication on administrative reform; innovate; and improve the quality and effectiveness of the PAR index assessment (PAR INDEX) and the Satisfaction Index of people and organizations with the service of state administrative agencies (SIPAS).

- Propagate the provisions of the law on records and archives, especially the application of information technology in clerical and archival work in terms of digital transformation and promoting the value of archival materials for socio-economic development; organize the implementation of state management of youth, state management of associations, funds, and non-governmental organizations.

- Propagate the provisions of the law on belief and religion; transmit messages; promote good cultural and ethical values and resources of religion in the cause of national construction and development; proactively provide information; and oppose distorting claims of forces that oppose the Party's guidelines, state policies, and laws on belief and religion.

- Communicate about inspection and examination, especially the results of the settlement of recommendations and proposals after inspection and examination.

- Widely disseminate foreign activities in all fields; propagating the action program to implement the project on promoting and raising the level of multilateral external relations to 2030; especially public service cooperation activities with ASEAN countries and ASEAN+3.

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