To continue to perfect the policy of great national unity in the new period in Vietnam

To continue to perfect the policy of great national unity in the new period in Vietnam
Trần Thanh Rin

According to Resolution 43-NQ/TW, is there content about continuing to perfect the policy of great national unity in the new period? – Hoang Anh (Quang Nam)

To continue to perfect the policy of great national unity in the new period in Vietnam

To continue to perfect the policy of great national unity in the new period in Vietnam (Internet image) 

Regarding this issue, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

On November 24, 2023, the Central Executive Committee issued Resolution 43-NQ/TW on continuing to promote the tradition and strength of great national unity, building our country to be increasingly prosperous and happy. .

To continue to perfect the policy of great national unity in the new period in Vietnam

Specifically, the Central Executive Committee requested to continue perfecting guidelines and policies on promoting traditions and the strength of great national unity in the new period; promoting the role of social classes; arousing all the potential and creativity of every Vietnamese person; and contributing to building a prosperous and happy country. In there:

- Build a modern Vietnamese working class, strong in quantity and quality; have professional qualifications, high professional skills, industrial style, labor discipline, adapt to modern industrial production; have strong political will, class enlightenment, and a spirit of national pride and self-respect. Promoting the core role of the working class in the alliance between the working class, the peasantry, and the intellectuals...

- Building a comprehensively developed, civilized, self-reliant Vietnamese peasantry class with the will and desire to rise; have qualifications and capacity to organize advanced production, apply science - technology, and innovate; be socially responsible, respect the law, and protect the environment; is the subject and center of the process of agricultural development, rural economy, new rural construction, rural industrialization, and urbanization; enjoy socio-economic development achievements; and gradually access urban services.

- Build and develop an increasingly strong, reasonably structured, high-quality intellectual team; is an important factor in developing human resources, improving people's knowledge, and fostering talents; promotes the process of industrialization, modernization of the country, development of the knowledge economy, and international integration; plays an important role in the alliance with the working class and the peasantry under the leadership of the Party...

- Develop a strong entrepreneurial team in quantity and quality; having intelligence, management capacity, dynamism, creativity, ethics, business culture, national spirit, social responsibility, and actively contributing to construction and develop an independent, self-reliant, and internationally integrated economy...

- Strengthen education of the young generation about revolutionary ideals, ethics, lifestyle, patriotism, national pride, nurturing dreams, ambitions, will, desire to contribute, and upholding responsibility for the country and society. Building an environment and conditions for learning, training, working, and entertainment for the young generation to develop healthily, comprehensively, and harmoniously both intellectually, physically, and aesthetically...

- Take care of building Vietnamese women in the new era while promoting women's traditions, potential, strengths, spirit of mastery, and aspirations to rise; Actively build prosperous, progressive, and happy Vietnamese families. Complete and well implement policies and laws related to women, children, and gender equality; improve the quality of female human resources; fight to prevent and strictly handle acts of violence, trafficking, and abuse of women and children...

- Strengthen the role of veterans in educating patriotism and revolutionary traditions for the young generation, promoting the nature and traditions of "Uncle Ho's soldiers," participating in building and strengthening the political base, contributing to building a clean and strong Party and political system, actively helping each other do business, improving and enhancing lives, getting rich legally, and contributing to building and developing the country.

- Promote the prestige and experience of the elderly in society, the community, and family. Respect, protect, care for, and have mechanisms and policies to mobilize resources to care for and promote the role of the elderly; encourage the elderly to participate in socio-economic activities. Building a friendly environment for the elderly; having policies to support and help elderly people who are in difficulty, lonely, and have no one to rely on.

- Ensure ethnic equality, solidarity, mutual support, promoting internal strength, rising together, and developing together. Pay attention to the unique characteristics of each ethnic minority region when planning and implementing ethnic policies. There is a mechanism to promote the positivity, self-reliance, and self-reliance of ethnic minorities in socio-economic development, rising out of poverty, and sustainable poverty reduction.

- Mobilize, unite, gather religious organizations, dignitaries, officials, monks, and believers to live a "good life", accompany the nation, actively participate in campaigns, and participate in patriotic emulation movements launched by the Vietnam Fatherland Front and governments at all levels.

- Support for Vietnamese people abroad to have a solid legal status, integrate into society, and contribute positively to the host country; strengthen citizen protection. Create conditions for people to preserve the Vietnamese language and national cultural identity, and enhance national pride and self-respect. Promote the mobilization of Vietnamese people abroad, especially the young generation, to be attached to their homeland, becoming a bridge between Vietnam and other countries...

More details can be found in Resolution 43-NQ/TW, dated November 24, 2023.


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