Strengthen measures to ensure traffic order and safety during Tet holiday 2023 in Vietnam

What are the measures to ensure traffic order and safety during Tet holiday 2023 in Vietnam? - Ngoc Thien (Lao Cai, Vietnam)

Strengthen measures to ensure traffic order and safety during Tet holiday 2023 in Vietnam (Internet image)

On December 19, 2022, the Prime Minister of Vietnam issued Official Dispatch 1174/CD-TTg on ensuring traffic order and safety during the New Year Eve and Lunar New Year 2023.

As a result, the following measures will be implemented to ensure traffic order and safety during the New Year Eve and Lunar New Year 2023:

1. To promote propaganda and mobilizing people to voluntarily follow traffic laws in Vietnam

- Promoting propaganda and mobilization of people and traffic participants to voluntarily obey the law on traffic safety (traffic safety), obey orders and instructions of functional forces, and yield to and help each other when participating in traffic;

- Participating actively in safe traffic and enforce "Drink alcohol, beer, do not drive"; refrain from speeding or carelessly overtaking; do not transport more than the specified number of people; wear standard helmets when riding motorbikes and electric bicycles; prevent accidents at railway crossings and inland waterways...

2. To timely receive and handle people's complaints regarding traffic situation in Vietnam

- Coordinating with central and local media agencies to provide timely updates on traffic accidents and traffic jams, particularly on major traffic routes, key traffic hubs, and event and festival sites;

Disclosing specific information on plans for organization and distribution of traffic flows, plans for traffic organization in service of projects using beds and roadsides, and plans for transportation services; assist people in selecting appropriate modes of transportation and travel times, and limit crowding during peak times

- The National Traffic Safety Committee, the Traffic Safety Committees of the provinces and cities, and the central and local authorities shall announce and assign competent persons to call the hotline number to promptly receive and handle people's feedback on the traffic safety situation.

3. To strictly handle acts of illegally increasing ticket prices in Vietnam

- Increasing the capacity and quality of passenger transportation services, meet people's travel needs, improve traffic safety, and prevent the COVID-19 epidemic.

Strengthening human resources and means in the airport area to quickly carry out security screening, return luggage to passengers, and information work so that passengers know and pick up luggage in the right area, with a focus on Tan Son Nhat International Airport and Noi Bai International Airport, minimizing flight delays and cancellations, and preventing passengers from returning home to celebrate Tet late due to a lack of means;

Strictly handling organizations and individuals related to the status of parachutes, toads, and illegal fare increases.

- Production and business units and educational and training institutions actively coordinate with transport units to organize the sale of train and vehicle tickets directly to workers, employees, and students; inspect the observance of regulations on ensuring traffic safety in the transport business, management of traffic infrastructure, parking lots in the field of roads, inland waterways, railways, and airways; exploit and use data from the vehicle's journey monitoring device to check for and handle violations, whether the driver, the owner of the passenger car, or the car carrying goods, is responsible.

4. To continue to thoroughly implement the non-stop electronic toll collection method in Vietnam

- Ensuring the safety of traffic infrastructure works; repairing damaged road sections and landslides caused by rain and floods; reviewing traffic signal systems and reflective warning devices at intersections; and avoiding road sections with high slopes, narrow curvature radiuses, limited visibility, and so on.

- Continuing to fully implement electronic toll collection without interruption, proactively opening stations and temporarily suspending toll collection to relieve vehicles when traffic jams occur; strictly implement traffic safety organization, guidance, and assurance on sections of construction and exploitation works; timely remedy when traffic infrastructure incidents occur; and urgently complete key traffic infrastructure upgrade, repair, and maintenance.

Having a plan to organize, regulate, and divide traffic flows and promptly clear them so as not to cause prolonged congestion when there is a traffic incident. Especially in the time before the Lunar New Year holiday on the main routes in and out of Hanoi, the capital, and Ho Chi Minh City, routes connecting to the station, airport, port, and the Spring Festival area...

See more at Dispatch 1174/CD-TTg, dated December 19, 2022.

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