Regulations when participating in traffic on expressways in Vietnam that everyone must know

On June 01, 2020, the Ministry of Public Security submitted the Draft Law on ensuring road traffic order and safety to the National Assembly of Vietnam for consideration. This Draft Law has stipulated regulations on traffic on expressways in Vietnam.

Các quy định khi tham gia giao thông trên đường cao tốc, Dự thảo

Specifically, according to the Draft Law on ensuring road traffic order and safety of Vietnam, drivers and operators of special-use vehicles traveling on expressways, apart from complying with traffic rules provided in this Draft Law, shall also observe the following provisions:

- When entering an expressway, to give signals indicating the intention to do so and give way to vehicles traveling on the expressway, only when making sure that it is safe can they join in the traffic lane on the lane close to the edge of the expressway; if there is an acceleration lane, they shall use it before moving into the expressway lane;

- When exiting an expressway, to move gradually to the right lane, if there is a deceleration lane, they shall enter such lane before leaving the expressway;

- Do not move on the emergency-stop lane or the verge;

- Do not move beyond the maximum speed and below the minimum speed, which are indicated on the road signs or painted road markings, except for the provisions of Clause 3 Article 41 of this Draft Law.

Besides, drivers or operators of special-use vehicles shall keep at a safe distance from one another as indicated on the road signs. To stand or park their vehicles only at the prescribed places; where they are compelled to stand or park their vehicles outside the prescribed places, the drivers shall move their vehicles off the carriageway; if unable to do so, they shall give signals to the drivers of other vehicles.

Moreover, pedestrians, rudimentary vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds and tractors; and special-use vehicles with a design speed of less than 70 km/h may not enter expressways, except persons, vehicles and equipment used for expressway administration and maintenance.

Note: In case the vehicle running on the highway has technical problems, if it continues to move, it will not be safe, the driver must immediately turn on the signal to ask for directions, promptly move the vehicle to the right or the emergency lane and promptly notify the authorities. If unable to move, the driver must leave the vehicle's warning lights on continuously, set warnings to other vehicles participating in traffic and promptly notify the authorities. The warning is placed 150m behind the damaged vehicle to alert other vehicles traveling in the same direction behind.

View more details at the Draft Law on ensuring road traffic order and safety of Vietnam.

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