Regulations on the development and management of houses in Vietnam’s capital

The capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is Hanoi. Urban areas are the districts of Hanoi city and suburban areas are the peripheral districts and towns of Hanoi city.

The development and management of houses in the capital are specified in Article 16 of the Law on the Capital 2012 of Vietnam as follows:

- The plans for the development of urban areas and houses must be conformable with the overall planning for the capital’s construction, and the requirements for building a civilized and modern capital; prioritize the investment in building the modern and convenience urban areas and houses in the suburbs, concurrently with the construction if technical infrastructures and social infrastructures.

- The old apartment buildings and houses shall be refurbished and reconstructed in order to ensure the urban scenery and the users' safety. The refurbishment and construction must comply with the regulations on the height, population density and construction density according to the planning.

- The refurbishment and restoration of ancient houses, old villas, and the constructions built before 1954 must ensure the preservation of their architectural values as prescribed by law.

- In the projects of developing commercial houses, the new urban areas must have higher proportion of residential land and houses in order to develop the social housing as prescribed by national regulations.

- The People’s Council and People’s Committee of Hanoi city shall provide the solutions for implementing Clause 2 and Clause 3 this Article, specify the area of residential land and houses for developing social housing in the projects of developing commercial housing prescribed in Clause 4 this Article.

The Law on the Capital 2012 of Vietnam takes effect from July 01, 2013.


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