Registration of temporary residence in Vietnam for foreigners

When foreigners rent a house in Vietnam, there will be problems with temporary residence registration. This is a mandatory regulation. The following issues should be noted:

Firstly, foreigners must have a temporary residence card according to the provisions of the Law on Entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam 2014. According to Article 33 of this Law:

“1. Any foreigner that temporarily resides in Vietnam must, via the manager of the lodging establishment, declare his/her temporary residence at the local police authority.

2. The manager of the lodging establishment shall complete the declaration form and submit it to the local police authority within 12 hours (or within 24 hours if the administrative division is in a remote area) since the foreigner arrives at the lodging establishment.


Secondly, when foreigners rent a house in Vietnam, the rent and lease are established on a written contract.

Thirdly, regarding the declaration procedures:

After signing the house rental contract, the landlord must carry out procedures to declare temporary residence for the tenant at the local police station, including the following contents:

- Presenting passport, immigration declaration, temporary residence certificate and visa (if required);

- Making temporary residence declaration according to the prescribed form;

- Making a list of foreigners declaring temporary residence and submit it to the local ward and commune police and notify the number of foreigners temporarily residing to the local ward and commune police;

- Keeping the temporary residence declaration form along with the list of temporary resident foreigners to present upon request.


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