Principles and measures of road traffic separation in Vietnam

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security has submitted the Draft Law on ensuring road traffic order and safety to the National Assembly of Vietnam for consideration.

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According to the Draft Law on ensuring road traffic order and safety of Vietnam, principles and measures to separate traffic flows in ensuring road traffic order and safety are specified as follows:

Principles to separate traffic flows

- Ensure that people and vehicles participating in traffic travel safely, smoothly and in compliance with other relevant laws; suitable for road traffic infrastructure;

- Ensure security, order and social safety;

- Ensure consistency in management, administration and direction on the basis of clearly assigning and decentralizing specific responsibilities and powers; there is close and effective coordination between units and forces;

- Ensure conditions for forces, means and tools to support the guidance, organization and enforcement of traffic flow.

Measures to separate traffic

- Traffic separation is represented by decisions or by road signaling systems or traffic controllers, which detail the route, time and scope of operation of vehicles participating in road traffic;

- Arrange forces to regulate and divide traffic for people and vehicles to travel in order and safety; coercing vehicles to follow appropriate routes or routes prescribed by competent authorities;

- Traffic distribution is widely announced on mass media.

View more details at the Draft Law on ensuring road traffic order and safety of Vietnam.

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