Organizational structure of the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam

The Ministry of Information and Communications is a Governmental agency exercising state management of press; publication, printing and release; postal services; telecommunications; radio frequencies; information technology and electronics; broadcasting, electronic information, news, foreign information services, information at grassroots level and public services of sectors under its state management.

According to Decree No. 17/2017/NĐ-CP of Vietnam’s Government, organizational structure of the Ministry of Information and Communications includes:

1. Department of Posts.

2. Department of Information Technology.

3. Department of Science and Technology.

4. Department of Planning and Finance.

5. Department of Enterprise Management.

6. Department of International Cooperation.

7. Department of Legal Affairs.

8. Department of Emulation and Rewarding.

9. Department of Personnel and Organization.

10. Department of Inspectorate.

11. Ministry Office.

12. Authority of Press.

13. Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information.

14. Authority of Publication, Printing and Distribution.

15. Authority of Grassroots Information.

16. Authority of Foreign Information Service.

17. Authority of Telecommunications.

18. Authority of Radio Frequency Management.

19. Authority of Information Technology Application.

20. Authority of Information Security.

21. Authority of Central Posts.

22. National Institute of Information and Communications Strategy.

23. Information Center.

24. Vietnam Post newspaper.

25. Vietnam Net online newspaper.

26. Information and Communications Journal.

27. Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology.

28. Information and Communication Public Management Institute.

View details at Decree No. 17/2017/NĐ-CP of Vietnam’s Government, effective from February 17, 2017.


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