Organization of activities in response to World Environment Day 2024 in Vietnam

What are the activities in response to World Environment Day 2024 in Vietnam? - Duy Khanh (Bac Ninh)

Organization of activities in response to World Environment Day 2024 in Vietnam

Organization of activities in response to World Environment Day 2024 in Vietnam (Internet image) 

Regarding this matter, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

On May 9, 2024, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment issued Official Dispatch 2964/BTNMT-TTTT on organizing activities in response to World Environment Day and the Month of Environmental Action in 2024.

Organization of activities in response to World Environment Day 2024 in Vietnam

World Environment Day on June 5, 2024, initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), with the theme "Land Restoration, Desertification and Drought Resilience," calls on countries worldwide to work together towards the goals of land restoration, combating desertification, drought resilience, slowing down climate change, protecting nature, enhancing livelihoods, and food security for billions of people worldwide.

In response to the theme of World Environment Day 2024 launched by the United Nations Environment Programme, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment respectfully requests the Central Ministries, departments, and agencies; and the Provincial People's Committees of centrally-run provinces and cities to be concerned and direct and guide the organization of activities as follows:

- Continue to implement the Law on Environmental Protection 2020 and guiding documents on the implementation of the Law on enhancing environmental quality management activities; Resolution 06/NQ-CP in 2021; Decision 419/QD-TTg in 2017; Decision 450/QD-TTg in 2022; Directive 11/CT-TTg in 2024; and Directive 13/CT-TTg in 2024.

- Establish policy mechanisms, enhance human resource training, technical infrastructure, and research on desertification prevention; investigate and assess the current situation of desertification, build a database on desertification, develop drought maps for directly affected areas; organize technology transfer activities and international cooperation results, including initiatives to reduce emissions through efforts to limit deforestation and forest degradation, initiatives on payment for forest environmental services...

- Based on the actual situation of each locality, proactively develop plans and implement appropriate measures according to the economic, social, and ecological conditions of each region. Focus on reviewing, classifying, and monitoring the quality of the land environment; investigate and evaluate polluted areas, areas at risk of pollution, ensuring that these areas are isolated;

Build and implement plans for handling, renovating, and restoring polluted land according to regulations; have measures to prevent and minimize desertification and drought processes on the territory. Strengthen coordination between levels, branches, and localities and create conditions for local people to access information and techniques for drought and desertification prevention. Increase the supplementation of financial resources, human resources, weather forecasting equipment, and hydro-meteorological data at the central and local levels in desertification and drought prevention.

- Promote forest protection and development activities, efficient use of land resources, and livelihood development for people in at-risk or decertified areas, as well as research and application of advanced solutions to effectively use water resources and protect land surfaces.

In particular, the government at all levels needs to enhance awareness, considering land restoration, drought resilience, and desertification as integral parts of socio-economic development plans, an important task in the process of sustainable development closely linked to climate change programs, disaster mitigation, and sustainable livelihood development.

- Strictly control waste from construction, industrial, and agricultural activities (especially livestock farming and agriculture) and regulate waste classification at the source (as stipulated in Article 79, Clause 1 and Article 75, Clause 1 of the Law on Environmental Protection 2020, to be implemented no later than December 31, 2024) to ensure that generated waste is treated to meet environmental protection requirements and national environmental technical standards for waste before being discharged into the environment, especially prohibiting improper discharge of waste into the land environment; promote the application of advanced, environmentally friendly technologies, circular economy models aimed at green economic development, sustainable development to minimize desertification processes and cope with climate change.

- Public media agencies should establish dedicated sections, columns, increase airtime, and increase the increase the frequency of propaganda on the theme of World Environment Day 2024; activities, tasks, and content related to climate change response, resource management, and environmental protection.

In particular, focus on promoting typical models that apply advanced technologies in land restoration, drought resistance, and desertification prevention. Diversify communication methods; utilize technology platforms and social networks for communication, dissemination, and social mobilization.

- Strengthen the replication of effective models in land restoration, drought resistance, and desertification prevention, especially in areas directly affected by drought and desertification. At the same time, identify, praise, and reward organizations, individuals, communities, and businesses with outstanding achievements and initiatives in environmental protection; climate change response; and protecting the country's resources.

- Based on the actual situation, from late May to the end of June 2024, simultaneously organize community activities such as rallies, environmental sanitation campaigns, tree planting, waste collection, and treatment. Launch a joint campaign to protect resources, the environment, and cope with climate change through practical and effective actions. Hang banners, banners, and posters (encourage the use of environmentally friendly materials) at appropriate agencies, units, and public places to intensify the dissemination of the theme of World Environment Day 2024 and widely spread the theme of this day (propaganda slogans in Appendix 01).

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