New: Typical signs of ships on patrol, control and customs supervision of Vietnam

Recently, the Government of Vietnam has issued the Decree No. 02/2021/NĐ-CP regulations on traditional flags, ensigns, emblems, customs insignia, insignia, nameplates, insignia, uniforms, customs identification and typical signs of means of customs patrol, control and supervision.

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According to Article 13 of the Decree No. 02/2021/NĐ-CP of the Vietnam’s Government, characteristic signs of means of customs patrol, control and supervision are as follows:

- The side of the ship from the design draft line upwards is painted blue, code Ral 5013; the superstructure from deck to up is painted blue, code Ral 5012; deck surface painted red brown.

- The freeboard part along the hull is painted with 02 lines: The words "HẢI QUAN VIỆT NAM" in white, with a maximum length equal to one-third of the length of the whole ship, the height is suitable for the dimensions of ships; The white capital letter “VIETNAM CUSTOMS” is two-thirds of the height of the Vietnamese text and is balanced in the middle, below the Vietnamese text.

- The symbol of the customs ship is 03 identification lines in votive color Ral 1026 on 02 freeboards of the ship, in which: The first line is placed at the end of the ship's bow, intersecting with the first point of the hull, at an angle of 30° - 40°, the center of the first line is painted with the Customs Symbol, the width of the first line depends on the size of the ship; the 2nd and 3rd lines are drawn parallel to the first and have a width equal to half of the first line; the length of the marks is equal to the freeboard height of the hull.

- The customs symbol is placed on the front and upper sides of the ship's cabin at an easy-to-observe height. The size of the customs symbol is designed to match the size of the cabin.

- License plate

+ Ship license plate size 35 cm x 100 cm (plate number 01); height of letters and numbers: 24 cm; Width of letters and numbers: 2.4 cm.

+ Number plate color: The registration number plate must not be removed, but painted directly on the vehicle's body; license plate background: painted red; letters, numbers and dashes: painted white.

+ Number plate position: The registration plate is painted in 05 positions: 02 sides of the bow, 02 sides of the cabin and the side of the ship at the driver's side. If the freeboard in the bow area is narrow, paint over the bow windbreak. Paint location in a wide, easy-to-observe place (use plate number 01).

More details at the Decree No. 02/2021/NĐ-CP of the Vietnam’s Government, effective from March 01, 2021.

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