Indicators of digital economic development in the Southeast region of Vietnam

How will the Southeast region of Vietnam develop the digital economy in the period from now to 2030? - Minh Thi (Dong Nai, Vietnam).

Indicators of digital economic development in the Southeast region of Vietnam (Source: internet)

The Central Committee issued Resolution 24-NQ/TW dated October 7, 2022 on socio-economic development and assurance of national defense and security in the Southeast region of Vietnam to 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Indicators of digital economic development in the Southeast region of Vietnam

In particular, some specific targets by 2030 are as follows:

- The average growth rate of GDP in the period of 2021–2030 will reach about 8.5%.

- By 2030, GRDP per capita at current prices will reach about 380 million VND, equivalent to 14,500 USD; the proportion of the service sector accounts for 41.7% of the GRDP; the industry and construction sector account for 45.3% (only the processing and manufacturing industry 33%); the agriculture, forestry, and fishery sector account for 2.3%; product tax minus subsidies, 10.7%; the share of the digital economy in GRDP is about 30–35%; the urbanization rate will reach about 70–75%; and 100% of communes meet new rural standards.

- In the period of 2021–2030, the labor productivity growth rate will reach about 7%. The contribution of total factor productivity (TFP) to growth is about 56%.

- By 2030, the proportion of trained workers with certificates will reach about 40–45%; the unemployment rate remained below 3%; we reached 32 hospital beds and 11 doctors per 10,000 people; health insurance coverage is over 95%.

- By 2030, the forest coverage rate will reach about 19.6%; the rate of using clean water and hygienic water for the urban population is 100%; the rural population is 95%; 100% of industrial parks and export processing zones have an environmentally sound centralized wastewater treatment system; 95% of municipal solid waste is collected and treated in accordance with regulations; and 98% of hazardous waste is collected, transported, and treated in accordance with the regulations in Vietnam.

Solutions to develop the digital economy in Vietnam

- Accelerate the restructuring of the regional economy towards modernity, taking science and technology, innovation, digital economy, sharing economy, green sophistication, and circular economy as the focus. leading in the development of high-tech industries, high-quality, high-class service industries.

Focus on restructuring the industry in depth, creating breakthroughs in productivity, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness.

We will strongly develop a number of industries: mechanical engineering, petrochemicals, downstream products of the petrochemical industry, processing oil products and chemicals.

Prioritize the development of a number of spearhead, new and high-tech industries: electronics, telecommunications, robot manufacturing industry, integrated equipment for automatic operation, remote control, industry software production, digital products, information security industry, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, biological products, drug manufacturing, vaccines, new materials industry, environmental industry, and supporting industries.

- Promote administrative reform, develop e-government, move towards digital government, digital economy, and digital society, smart city.

Strengthen decentralization and decentralization associated with checking, monitoring and controlling power; strongly improve the open, favorable business investment environment; outstanding competition; serve people and businesses.

Improve the institution of out-of-court dispute settlement; improve efficiency; and shorten the time for dispute settlement and judgment enforcement in the fields of civil, administrative, investment, business, commercial, and consumer protection.

- Establish research centers of international standards in a number of universities; encourage higher education institutions to establish science-technology enterprises to cooperate with enterprises to quickly transfer technologies and research results into practice.

They have mechanisms and policies on investment and finance, encouraging enterprises to participate in research and development and technological innovation; gradually grasping and mastering technology; and developing key products.

develop and apply digital technology, biotechnology, environmental technology, digital economy promotion, sharing economy, and circular economy

More details can be found in Resolution 24-NQ/TW dated October 7, 2022.

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