Examination for officials and public employees in Vietnam: The number of questions in the question bank must be at least 3 times higher

This is a notable content mentioned at the Circular No. 6/2020/TT-BNV promulgating regulations on organization of recruitment and selection examinations for officials and public employees, examinations for promotion of officials' ranks, examinations or consideration for promotion of professional titles of public employees; regulations on recruitment exam, admission consideration for officials, public employees, exam or consideration for promotion of public employee professional title.

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Specifically, in the exam for recruitment of officials and public employees, for officials promotion, for promotion of public employees' professional titles, for the computer-based multiple-choice test, it is necessary to ensure 03 principles of building a question bank listed below:

Article 19. Principles of building a computer-based exam question and answer bank

1. The bank of exam questions and answers for each computer-based multiple-choice test must cover all the required content of the job position corresponding to the official rank or the public employee professional title.

2. The content of computer-based multiple-choice exam questions must be scientific, accurate, tight, clear, coherent, grammatically correct, deductive and analytical, and avoid memorization.

3. The bank of computer-based multiple-choice exam questions and answers must conform to the design requirements of the computer-based multiple-choice test software, ensuring that the number of formulated exam questions is at least 3 times higher compared to the prescribed number of questions. The Chairman of the Examination Council and the Head of the Examination Board shall be responsible before the law in case the number of exam questions is not correct according to the above-said regulations.

According to this regulation, the number of exam questions must be formulated at least 3 times more than the prescribed number of questions.

View more details at the Circular No. 6/2020/TT-BNV of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Vietnam, effective from January 20, 2021.

Phuong Thanh


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