Encouraging the reuse and recycling of plastic waste in service of production of goods in Vietnam

On November 17, 2019, the National Assembly of Vietnam approved the Law on Environmental Protection 2020, replacing the Law on Environmental Protection 2014.

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According to Article 73 of the Law on Environmental Protection 2020 of Vietnam, reduction, reuse, recycling and treatment of plastic waste, prevention and control of ocean plastic waste pollution are prescribed as follows:

- Entities shall reduce, classify and dispose of waste that is single-use plastic products and non-biodegradable plastic packaging according to regulations; not discharge plastic waste directly into the systems for drainage of water to rivers, ponds, lakes, channels and oceans.

- Plastic waste generated from marine tourism and services, maritime economy, extraction of oil and gas and marine mineral resources, aquaculture and commercial fishing must be collected, stored and transferred to facilities licensed for recycling and treatment.

- Environmentally-friendly products, single-use plastic alternatives and non-biodegradable plastic packaging alternatives that have been certified are entitled to incentives and assistance as prescribed by law.

- Plastic waste must be collected and classified for reuse, recycling or treatment purpose as prescribed by law. Unrecyclable plastic waste must be transferred to licensed facilities for treatment as prescribed. Plastic waste generated from economic activities at sea must be collected for reuse, recycling or treatment and must not be discharged into the sea.

- The State shall encourage the reuse and recycling of plastic waste in service of production of goods and building materials and construction of traffic works; encourage the research and development of systems for collecting and treating plastic waste floating at sea and in the ocean; introduce policies to promote reuse and recycling of plastic waste.

- Provincial People’s Committees shall organize the collection and treatment of plastic waste within their provinces; encourage the reduction of non-biodegradable plastic packaging and single-use plastic products; disseminate information about harmful effects of dumping of fishing gear into the sea and plastic waste on the ecosystem.

- The Government shall introduce a roadmap for reducing production and import of single-use plastic products, non-biodegradable plastic packaging and products and goods containing microplastics.

View more details at the Law on Environmental Protection 2020 of Vietnam, effective from January 01, 2022.

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