Conclusion of the Politburo on developing physical training and sports in the new period in Vietnam

Conclusion of the Politburo on developing physical training and sports in the new period in Vietnam
Nguyễn Thị Diễm My

According to the Conclusion on developing physical education and sports in the new period, what are the tasks set out by the Politburo? – Thu Hang (Soc Trang)

Conclusion of the Politburo on developing physical training and sports in the new period in Vietnam

Conclusion of the Politburo on developing physical training and sports in the new period in Vietnam (Internet image) 

Regarding this issue, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

Below is the content of Conclusion 70-KL/TW, dated January 31, 2024, of the Politburo on developing physical training and sports in the new period.

Conclusion of the Politburo on developing physical training and sports in the new period in Vietnam

To continue to effectively implement Resolution 08-NQ/TW of the Politburo, contributing to improving health and building the Vietnamese people to develop harmoniously and comprehensively, the Politburo requires party committees, party organizations, authorities, the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations to focus on well implementing the following key tasks:

(1) Enhance the responsibility of party committees, party organizations, governments, political systems, and people for the development of physical education and sports; Integrate goals, targets, and tasks on physical education and sports in resolutions, strategies, planning, programs, and socio-economic development plans of the country, localities, and units. Regularly lead, direct, inspect, and supervise the implementation of the Party's policies; Close coordination between agencies and units in implementing the task of developing physical education and sports.

Promote propaganda, advocacy, and application of digital technology, strengthen the role of mass media agencies; and build communication channels on physical education and sports to provide knowledge, physical activity skills, and related information to the People. The Vietnam Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations, and mass associations coordinate to propagate and mobilize members, union members, and other members and people to actively participate in physical exercise and sports associated with the campaigns "All people exercise their bodies following the example of great Uncle Ho" and "All people unite to build cultural life at the grassroots.".

(2) Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management, soon issue the Strategy for developing physical education and sports to 2030, with a vision to 2045. Continue to perfect policies and laws to meet the requirements of developing physical education and sports in the new period. Focus on investment mechanisms and policies, institutional and infrastructure development; professional sports, high-performance sports, mass sports, physical education, and school sports; a legal framework on sports economics, ownership, transfer, copyright exploitation, and sponsorship; and promoting socialization. Supplement and improve training, fostering, medical care, housing, salaries, allowances, and other incentives for athletes, coaches, and talents in the field of fitness and sports.

Implement well the overall project to develop the physical strength and stature of Vietnamese people in the period 2011–2030; Build a training index system to evaluate Vietnamese people's physical fitness. Improve the efficiency of using facilities and human resources. Focus on planning, training, and fostering a team of leaders, managers, and people directly involved in physical education and sports. Promote research, the application of science and technology, international cooperation, and exchange, contributing to improving understanding and sharing experiences between countries and peoples.

Promote the arrangement and transformation of public service agencies in physical education and sports towards autonomy, improving the quality of service provision in accordance with international standards. Enhance openness and transparency; regularly check and inspect the implementation of policies and laws; provide timely guidance on handling and removing difficulties and obstacles; Resolutely handle violations of the law, corruption, and negativity in the fields of physical education and sports.

(3) Encourage the development of mass physical education and sports, creating opportunities for everyone to participate in training, performing, and competing activities to improve health, prevent disease, cure diseases, play, and entertain. Strengthen the dissemination of knowledge and guide mass fitness and sports movements; construct public sports facilities in residential areas. Pay attention to the development of national sports, recreational sports, national defense sports, children, pupils, students, the elderly, people with disabilities, etc. in physical training and sports activities.

Innovating physical education and school sports is associated with the goal of education and the comprehensive development of ethics, knowledge, culture, health, aesthetics, and life skills for pupils and students, creating a foundation to discover and foster young talents. Improve the quality of physical education, develop types of activities, and create conditions for students to participate in physical education, sports, and physical development activities. Pay attention to investing in facilities, teachers, and lecturers for all levels of education, training levels, and scientific research on age psychology, physical education, and school sports.


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