By 2030, Binh Phuoc will become an industrial province of the Southeast Region in Vietnam

By 2030, Binh Phuoc will become an industrial province of the Southeast Region in Vietnam
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In the Binh Phuoc Provincial Plan, is it true that by 2030, this province will become an industrial province of the Southeast Region in Vietnam? – Huynh Anh (Khanh Hoa)

By 2030, Binh Phuoc will become an industrial province of the Southeast Region in Vietnam

By 2030, Binh Phuoc will become an industrial province of the Southeast Region in Vietnam (Internet image) 

Regarding this issue, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

On November 24, 2023, the Prime Minister issued Decision 1489/QD-TTg in 2023 approving the Planning of Binh Phuoc province for the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050.

By 2030, Binh Phuoc will become an industrial province of the Southeast Region in Vietnam

Specifically, the development goals until 2030 in the planning of Binh Phuoc province are as follows:

(1) General objective

By 2030, Binh Phuoc will become a modern, effective, and sustainable industrial province, an "attractive destination" of the Southeast Region, with a decent economic scale based on the synchronous construction of technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, and the development of industry clusters with the potential to create many jobs with income and budget revenue, improve the quality of life for people, and narrow the gap between rural areas, ethnic minority areas, remote areas, border areas, and urban areas; Strengthening regional connectivity through the development of key infrastructure systems; Complete e-government; gradually transition to digital government; ensure solid national defense and security; Build a clean and comprehensively strong Party organization and political system.

(2) Specific goals and targets

- Economic:

+ Average GRDP growth rate reaches 9%;

+ Economic structure: industry - construction accounts for about 54%; trade - services accounts for about 35%; Agriculture, forestry, and fishing account for about 11%. The digital economy accounts for 30%;

+ Average GRDP/person reached 180 million VND (equivalent to 7,500 USD);

+ The average labor productivity growth rate is about 7%/year;

+ State budget revenue reached 30,000 billion VND;

+ Mobilizing investment capital for social development reached 600 trillion VND;

+ Export turnover reaches 8–9 billion USD;

+ Urbanization rate reaches 50%;

+ The number of newly established enterprises in the period 2021–2030 is 15,000;

+ Tourists reached 3.5 million;

+ Strive to rank PCI, PAPI, PAR Index, and ICT Index in the good group of the country.

- Regarding society:

+ There are 100% of communes meeting new rural standards, 100% of districts and towns meeting new rural standards, 60% of communes achieving advanced new rural areas, and 30% of communes achieving model new rural areas;

+ The rate of schools meeting national standards reached 90%, of which preschool level reached 80%, primary school level reached 90%, middle school level reached 90%, high school level reached 100%;

+ Strive to have 11 doctors and 35 hospital beds per ten thousand people;

+ Average population growth reached 1.6%;

+ Create new jobs for 200 thousand workers; keep the urban unemployment rate below 3%;

+ The rate of trained workers reaches 80%. The rate of trained workers with diplomas and certificates reached 40%;

+ The poverty rate reached < 0.5%.

- Regarding resources and the environment:

+ The proportion of the population using hygienic water reaches 100%; The rate of rural households using clean water according to standards reached 80%;

+ 100% of industrial zones, clusters and urban areas have centralized wastewater treatment systems; 100% of production and business establishments meet environmental standards; Over 70% of solid waste is collected and treated according to regulations;

+ The rate of forest and perennial tree coverage reaches about 65%.

- Regarding infrastructure development:

+ Develop expressways connecting Binh Phuoc province with localities in the region, such as: Ho Chi Minh City - Thu Dau Mot - Chon Thanh expressway, Gia Nghia expressway (Dak Nong) - Chon Thanh (Binh Phuoc) );

+ Build a transport system connecting the province and a traffic connection system between the driving forces of the province's development, such as: Dong Phu - Binh Duong road, western route of National Highway 13 connecting Bau Bang - Chon Thanh - Hoa Lu, DT 753 route,...

- Regarding national defense and security:

Firmly protect sovereignty and border security; build a strong all-people national defense, build a solid and comprehensive defense area.

Vision to 2050

Strive to build Binh Phuoc province into a modern, prosperous, and civilized industrial province, becoming one of the important economic growth poles of the Southeast Region, equivalent to provinces with a fairly high level of development in the country; space for harmonious development between urban and rural areas; building urban areas in an ecological, modern, and sustainable direction; social order, discipline, security, safety, and civilization; preserving and promoting cultural and ethnic values; comprehensive human development; a clean living environment; and being an "attractive destination" of the Southeast Region.

Decision 1489/QD-TTg takes effect from the date of signing.


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