Assurance of information confidentiality in telecommunications in Vietnam

Assurance of information confidentiality in telecommunications in Vietnam
Thu Hiền

Telecommunications means the sending, transmission, reception and processing of signs, signals, data, writings, images, sounds or information of any other nature by cable, radio, optical and other electromagnetic devices.

According to Article 6 of the Law on Telecommunications 2009 of Vietnam, assurance of information confidentiality in telecommunications is as follows:

First, organizations and individuals engaged in telecommunications activities shall protect state secrets under the law on protection of state secrets.

Second, when sending, transmitting or storing information classified as state secrets through telecommunications networks, organizations and individuals shall encrypt such information under the law on cipher.

Third, private information transmitted through public telecommunications networks of all organizations and individuals shall be kept confidential. The control of information on telecommunications networks shall be performed by competent state agencies under law.

Fourth, telecommunications businesses may not disclose private information on telecommuni­cations service users, including name, address, caller number, call number, position of caller, position of call recipient, call duration and other private information provided by users upon entry into contracts with telecommunications businesses, except for the following cases:

- Telecommunications service users agree to provide information:

- Telecommunications businesses agree in writing on exchange of provided information on telecommunications service users for calculation of charges, billing of invoices and prevention of acts of shirking contractual obligations;

- The information disclosure is requested by competent state agencies under law.

View more: Law on Telecommunications 2009 of Vietnam issued on November 23, 2009, officially effective from July 01, 2010.


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