Application for registration of main lecturer's professional title promotion exam (class II) in Vietnam

What is included in the application for registration of main lecturer's professional title promotion exam (class II) in Vietnam? - Viet Truong (Binh Thuan, Vietnam)

Hồ sơ đăng ký dự thi thăng hạng CDNN giảng viên chính (hạng II)

Application for registration of main lecturer's professional title promotion exam (class II) in Vietnam (Internet image)

Regarding this issue, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

On January 31, 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam issued Official Dispatch 434/BCT-TCCB on organizing the promotion exam for lecturers/lecturers of pedagogical colleges in 2023.

1. Application for registration of main lecturer's professional title promotion exam (class II) in Vietnam

The application file for the promotion of the main lecturer professional title (class II) specifically includes:

- Application form for promotion to professional title Main Instructor (Class II) (form No. 1b attached).

- The officer's curriculum vitae, as certified by the agency employing or managing the officer (Form No. 2 attached).

- Comments and evaluations of the agency's head employing non-managerial public employees or the head of the agency or organization competent to appoint a managerial officer (attached form No. 3b).

- Copies of diplomas and certificates, certified by a competent authority, at the request of the main lecturer's CDN (class II), including:

+ A master's degree or higher in a field related to the job position, industry, or teaching major;

+ Certificate of training in vocational training standards for university lecturers or certificates of training according to standards of vocational training for public employees in public higher education institutions as prescribed by law before June 30, 2022;

+ A certificate of professional pedagogical training;

- Selection of a lecturer's professional title (class III), code: V.07.01.03, and selection of equivalent titles (if any).

- A declaration of scientific research works, scientific articles, and compilations of training books, certified by the head of the management unit with proofs.

+ A copy of the decision or contract appointing scientific and technological tasks;

+ Minutes of acceptance or decision on recognition of results of scientific and technological tasks performed;

+ Copies of peer-reviewed scientific articles and training manuals that have been evaluated and accepted in accordance with regulations; Certificate of the purpose of using the book for training the head of the higher education institution.

2. Conditions for registering for the promotion exam for the main lecturer's professional title (class II) in Vietnam

According to Article 2, Section III of Official Dispatch 112/BGDDT-NGCBQLGD, public employees are sent to participate in the promotion exam for the promotion of the main lecturer's professional title (class II) when the following conditions are fully satisfied:

- The training institution is required by the competent authority to participate in the professional title promotion exam.

- Holding the lecturer's CDN (class III), code V.07.01.03.

- Being graded at the level of successfully completing tasks or higher in the working year immediately preceding the year of competition for promotion of the main lecturer's professional title (class II), code V.07.01.02;

- Having good political qualities and professional ethics;

- Not within the time limit for disciplinary action, not during the implementation of regulations related to public employee discipline specified in Article 56 of the Law on Public Employees 2010 (amended in Clause 8, Article 2 of the Law amending a number of articles of the Law on Cadres and Civil servants and the Law on Public Employees 2019).

- Having the capacity, professional qualifications, and professional qualifications to undertake the task of primary lecturer (class II), code V.07.01.02.

- Satisfying the standard requirements on training and retraining qualifications and professional and professional competence of the main lecturer's vocational training standard (class II), code V.07.01.02 specified in Clauses 2 and 3 Article 6 of Circular 40/2020/TT-BGDDT;

- Satisfying the requirements of minimum working time to hold a lecturer's CDN (class III), code V.07.01.03 or equivalent as prescribed at point g, clause 3, Article 6 of Circular 40/2020/TT-BGDDT .

- Teaching staff in training and retraining institutions must have an intermediate level of political theory or higher as prescribed at Point d, Clause 2, Article 13 of Circular 01/2018/TT-BNV.

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