05 operations of organizations doing business in the relevant non-financial sector in Vietnam

On June 18, 2012, the National Assembly of Vietnam officially approved the Law on prevention of money laundering 2012 including 5 Chapters and 50 Articles.

hoạt động của tổ chức kinh doanh ngành nghề phi tài chính có liên quan, Luật phòng chống rửa tiền 2012

According to the Law on prevention of money laundering 2012 of Vietnam, the organizations and individuals that are doing business in the relevant non-financial sector are the organizations and individuals carrying out one or a number of operations as follows:

- Doing business in games with prizes, casino;

- Doing business in the services of real estate management, the brokerage of real estate, real estate trading floor;

- Trading in precious metal and stone;

- Providing notary and accounting service, the lawyer’s legal service and lawyer practice organization;

- Investment trust services, services of establishment, management and executive of enterprise; services of director and secretary provision of the enterprise to a third party.

Besides, this Law also stipulates that a financial organization is an organization granted the license to carry out one or a number of the following operations: Receiving deposits; Making loan; Financial leasing; Payment service; Issuing the instruments of assignment, credit cards, debit cards, money orders, electronic money; Banking guarantee and financial undertaking; Providing foreign exchange services and monetary instruments on the money market; Consulting and guaranteeing the securities issuance and agency of securities distribution; Managing the investment capital portfolio; Managing cash or securities for other organizations and individuals; Providing insurance services and investment operation related to the life insurance; Money change.

View more details at the Law on prevention of money laundering 2012 of Vietnam, effective from January 01, 2013.

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