Outstanding new policy effective from the beginning of April 2022

Outstanding new policy effective from the beginning of April 2022
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The Law Clerk would like to introduce to customers the following outstanding new policies effective from the beginning of April 2022 (from April 1 to April 10, 2022):

Outstanding new policy effective from the beginning of April 2022

The prominent new policy takes effect from the beginning of April 2022 (Artwork)

1. The highest salary for market managers is nearly 12 million VND/month

Effective from April 1, 2022, Circular 02/2022/TT-BCT specifically guides the salary arrangement of the market management civil servants as follows:

- The rank of Senior Market Controller (code 21,187) applies the salary table of civil servants grade A3, group 1 (A3.1), from salary coefficient 6.20 to salary coefficient 8.00;

- The rank of Chief Market Controller (code 21,188) applies the salary table of civil servants grade A2, group 1 (A2.1), from salary coefficient 4.40 to salary coefficient 6.78;

- The rank of Market Controller (which is no. 21,189) applies the salary scale of A1 civil servants, from the salary coefficient 2.34 to the salary coefficient 4.98;

- The rank of intermediate market controller (code 21,190) applies the salary scale of the civil servant grade A0, from the salary coefficient 2.10 to the salary coefficient 4.89.

Currently, the base salary applied under  Decree 38/2019/ND-CP  is 1.49 million VND/month.

Therefore, if the highest salary coefficient is 8.00, the salary of market managers will be 11.92 million VND/month.

In addition, the change of salary ranking from the current civil servant rank to the market management civil servant rank specified in  Circular 02/2022/TT-BTC  is carried out according to the guidance in Section II of Circular 02/2007/TT -BTC. BNV dated May 25, 2007 guiding salary grading when raising ranks, changing ranks, changing types of civil servants and public employees.

2. Applying e-invoices nationwide

The Ministry of Finance has issued  Decision 206/QD-BTC  on the application of e-invoices in 57 provinces and centrally-run cities.

Accordingly, from April 2022, 57 provinces and centrally-run cities will implement e-invoices, including: An Giang, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Bac Giang, Bac Kan, Bac Lieu and Bac Ninh, Ben Tre, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Binh Thuan, Ca Mau, Can Tho, Cao Bang, Da Nang, Dong Nai, Dong Thap, Ninh Thuan, Phu Yen, Quang Binh, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai,...

(Previously, from November 2021, e-invoices have been deployed in 6 provinces and cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Phu Tho, Quang Ninh, Binh Dinh).

The Tax Departments of 57 provinces and cities are responsible for reporting to the People's Committees of the provinces and cities to establish a Steering Committee for the implementation of the application of e-invoices in their localities, organize training for taxpayers and tax officers on regulations. regulations on electronic invoices. At the same time, regularly review and capture problems in the process of preparing and in the first time implementing e-invoices to immediately handle problems arising locally,...

3. New regulations on foreign loan approval conditions

The Ministry of Finance has issued  Circular 09/2022/TT-BTC  amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Regulation on consideration, verification and approval of foreign loans by the method of self-borrowing and self-payment of enterprises. enterprises in which more than 50% of charter capital is owned by the State.

Accordingly, amending a number of conditions for consideration, verification and approval of foreign loans, for example:

- Projects using foreign loans must serve production and business activities in the main business lines of the enterprise, are invested by the enterprise and be included in the 5-year investment and development plan, the production plan and the investment plan. annual business output of the enterprise.

(Currently, according to  Circular 153/2014/TT-BTC  , only investment projects are included in the investment plan approved by the competent authority).

- Total liabilities of the enterprise (including the value of guarantees for loans to subsidiaries at credit institutions) must not exceed three times the enterprise's equity as recorded in the financial statements. quarterly or annual financial statement of the enterprise at the time closest to the time of application submission.

(Currently, the debt-to-equity ratio in the financial statements of the preceding year and the latest quarterly financial statements of the enterprise does not exceed 3 times).

See details in  Circular 09/2022/TT-BTC  effective from April 1, 2022.

4. Tourism workers are supported up to 4.5 million/person/vocational training course

This is a notable content in   Circular 12/2022/TT-BTC  guiding the content and spending levels from the state budget to carry out the tasks of promoting, advertising and supporting tourism development of the Support Fund. tourism development.

Specifically, to support tourism businesses and organizations with part of the funding for training, retraining and improving vocational skills for tourism workers as follows:

+ For  participants of vocational training courses up to 03 months : The support level is calculated according to the tuition fees collected by the vocational training institution and the actual training duration, but the maximum amount is  not more than 4,500,000 VND/person/course training ;

+ For  participants of vocational training courses of more than 3 months : The level of support is calculated on a monthly basis, the rate of tuition fee collection and the actual duration of vocational training, but  not exceeding VND 1,500,000/person/month  and the duration of support. not more than 06 months;

In case the employee participating in the vocational training course has odd days that are not full months as prescribed by the vocational training institution, the odd number of days shall be calculated according to the following principle:  From 14 days or less is counted as 1/2 month and from 15 days or more is counted as 01 month .

Circular 12/2022/TT-BTC  takes effect from April 9, 2022.



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