Important policies take effect from mid-January 2022

Important policies take effect from mid-January 2022
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The Law Clerk would like to introduce to customers the following outstanding new policies effective from mid-January 2022 (January 11-20, 2022):

Important policies take effect from mid-January 2022

Important policies take effect from mid-January 2022 (Artwork)

1. Increase pension, social insurance allowance and monthly allowance from 2022

This is a notable content in  Decree 108/2021/ND-CP regulating pensions, social insurance benefits and monthly allowances effective from January 20, 2022.

Accordingly, from January 1, 2022, it will be adjusted to increase by 7.4% on the pension, social insurance allowance and monthly allowance of December 2021 for pensioners and pensioners. social insurance and monthly allowance before January 1, 2022, including:

- Cadres, civil servants, workers, public employees and employees; military personnel, people's police and cipher workers who are receiving monthly pensions.

- Officials of communes, wards and townships specified in Decree  92/2009/ND-CP , Decree  34/2019/ND-CP , Decree  121/2003/ND-CP  and Decree  09/1998/ND- CP .

- Persons who are receiving monthly allowance for loss of working capacity as prescribed by law; people who are receiving monthly allowance under Decision  91/2000/QD-TTg , Decision  613/QD-TTg ; rubber workers are enjoying monthly allowance under  Decision 206-CP .

- Officers of communes, wards and townships are receiving monthly allowances according to Decision  130-CP  and Decision  111-HDBT .

- Soldiers are enjoying monthly allowance according to Decision  142/2008/QD-TTg  (amended and supplemented by Decision  38/2010/QD-TTg ).

- The People's Public Security Forces are receiving monthly allowances according to Decision  53/2010/QD-TTg .

- Military personnel, people's police, people doing cipher work receive salaries like soldiers and people's police who are receiving monthly allowances according to Decision  62/2011/QD-TTg .

2. Teacher promotion exam conditions from January 15, 2022

The Ministry of Education and Training has issued Circular 34/2021/TT-BGDĐT stipulating standards and conditions for examination or consideration for promotion to professional titles of preschool and public school teachers, effective from January 15, 2022. .

Accordingly, teachers are allowed to register for exams or consider promotion to the next higher professional title when they fully meet the following criteria and conditions:

(1)  The educational institution has the need and is sent by the head of the competent management agency to take the exam or consider for promotion to professional titles.

(2)  Being graded with quality at the level of completing tasks well or higher in the working year immediately preceding the year of taking the exam or considering promotion to professional titles;

Current regulations stipulate that teachers who participate in exams or consider for promotion must be assessed by competent authorities to have successfully completed their tasks for 3 consecutive years by the time of application submission deadline. .

Having good political qualities and professional ethics; not within the time limit for disciplinary action, not during the implementation of regulations related to public employee discipline specified in Article 56 of the Law on Public Employees as amended and supplemented in Clause 8, Article 2 of the Law on Amendments and Supplements a number of articles of the Law on Cadres and Public Officials and the Law on Public Officials.

(3)  Having been appointed with the professional title of preschool, elementary, middle and high school teacher suitable to the current position. (New content)

(4)  Satisfy the standards of training and retraining qualifications and standards of professional competence of the class registered for the exam or considered for promotion according to current regulations on professional title standards for teachers. issued by the Ministry of Education and Training.

3. Instructions for calculating salary for controllers of 100% state owned one-member limited liability companies

Guidelines for setting up and managing salaries, remunerations and bonuses for the Heads of the Supervisory Board and Supervisors at one-member limited liability companies in which 100% of charter capital is held by the State is specified in Circular 105/2021/TT -BTC  takes effect from January 15, 2022 .

Accordingly, before the 20th of every month, the agency representing the owner shall pay salaries and remunerations to the Head of the Supervisory Board and the controller to the personal account of the Head of the Control Board and the controller.

The payment level is equal to 80% of the salary and remuneration according to the annual plan divided by 12 months;

Particularly for the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group and the Vietnam Flight Management Corporation, it is 85% of the salary and remuneration according to the 12-month annual plan. (This is new content compared to current regulations)

Within  15 days after the settlement of the salary fund  as prescribed at the end of the fiscal year, the one-member limited liability company shall transfer the remaining salary and remuneration of the Head of the Supervisory Board and the Supervisors according to the approved number. finalize the salary and remuneration fund of the Head of the Control Board and the Supervisors at the owner's representative agency.

4. Dossier of application for urban railway driving license

Circular 25/2021/TT-BGTVT  amending and supplementing  Circular 33/2018/TT-BGTVT  stipulating standards, duties and powers for railway staff positions directly serving train operation; content and training program for the title of railway staff directly serving train operation; conditions, contents and procedures for testing and granting, re-granting and withdrawing train driving licenses on railways.

Accordingly, the application file for a driver's license for the first train drivers on new urban railway lines put into operation and operation with technology used for the first time in Vietnam includes:

- A written request for a train driving license from an urban railway enterprise, made according to the form specified in Appendix Va to Circular 05/2021;

- An application form for a driver's license from the train driver, made according to the form specified in Appendix Vb of Circular 05/2021; 03 color photos of size 3x4cm taken within 06 months from the date of application submission; Certificate of eligibility for driving health as prescribed by the Minister of Health;

Certification of the urban railway business enterprise or the project investor (or the organization assigned by the project investor to manage the urban railway project) for the train driver required for a driving license the train directly controlled the train to ensure safety during the trial operation of the entire system of the Project as prescribed in Appendix Vc Circular 05/2021;

- A certified copy or a copy enclosed with the original for comparison of the certificate or certificate issued by a competent training institution to train drivers who have been trained in urban railway law knowledge as prescribed. ;

- Valid copy:

+ Minutes of acceptance and acceptance of the item of training of human resources to operate and operate the urban railway specialized in train driving under the contract of the project, enclosed with a list of train drivers who are eligible for a train driver's license ;

+ Diploma, certificate or graduation certificate in urban railway vehicle driving, granted by a training institution through the training and technology transfer process of the project.

(Currently, a System Security Certificate is also required if the project requires a system security certification audit).

Circular 25/2021/TT-BGTVT takes effect from January 15, 2022.



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