What is the current salary of probationary civil servants in Vietnam?

Apprenticeship is a period of time for new civil servants to get acquainted with the working environment as well as practice doing the jobs of the recruited position. So during this time, how much is the salary of civil servants?

What is the current salary of a trainee civil servant? (Illustration)

Salary during the probationary period of civil see rvants

Article 40 of the Law on Cadres and Civil Servants 2008 of Vietnam states: Persons recruited to work as civil servants are subject to the probation regime under the Government’s regulations.

According to this regulation, a person who is recruited into the position of Class C civil servant (specialist rank civil servant) must practice for 12 months and Class D civil servant must practice for 6 months (civil servant rank and employee rank).

Regarding the salary regime of probationary civil servants, Article 22 of Decree 138/2020/ND-CP stipulates as follows:

- Enjoy 85% of the salary level 1 of the recruitment rank.

- Enjoy 85% of the salary level 2 of the recruitment rank: if they have a master's degree suitable to the requirements of the recruitment position.

- Enjoy 85% of the salary level 3 of the recruitment rank: if they have a PhD degree suitable to the requirements of the recruitment position.

- Enjoy 100% of the salary of the recruitment rank corresponding to the above-mentioned training level in the following cases;

- Working in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions;

- Working in hazardous and dangerous industries and occupations;

- Being a person who has completed military service or police service;

- Being military officers, police officers, professional servicemen, people doing cipher work changing branches;

- Being a graduate of reserve officer training, graduating from the commander-in-chief of the commune military command who has registered as a reserve officer;

- Being a volunteer youth team member, young intellectuals have volunteered to participate and have completed the task of rural and mountainous development for 24 months or more.

Therefore, if probationary civil servants belong to the above subjects and have training qualifications that meet the requirements of the working position, they will be entitled to the full salary of Class1 of the position. If they fall into the above case, they will enjoy the full salary of level 2 when having a suitable master's degree as required; If they have a doctoral degree, they will receive the full salary of level 3.

It can be seen that probationary civil servants are also entitled to the full salary corresponding to the training level in accordance with the requirements of the job position to be recruited.

Are civil servants during the probationary period entitled to allowances?

In Article 22 of Decree 138/2020/ND-CP of Vietnam, in addition to salary, civil servants are also entitled to the following allowances:

- Enjoy allowances as prescribed by law.

- If they are entitled to 100% of salary (including the subjects mentioned above), they are also entitled to the same allowances.

At present, civil servants are entitled to a number of allowances such as toxic allowance, public service allowance, regional allowance, job responsibility, mobility, seniority beyond the frame, seniority, leadership positions, etc.

Therefore, during the probationary period, a person who is admitted to a civil servant position if he/she meets the training level required by the job position and belongs to one of the subjects specified in Clause 2, Article 22 of Decree No. 138/2020/ND-CP, they will be entitled to the full salary for that position and at the same time enjoy additional statutory allowances (if any).

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