Regulations on removal of party members

Regulation 24-QD/TW guide the deletion of names of party members

Cases where Party members are deleted names

According to Article 8 of the Rules of the Communist Party of Vietnam, in particular:

- Those Party members who spend on their activities or do not pay Party fees for three months in a year without any plausible reason; the Party members who reduce their will to strive for the fulfillment of their tasks of the Party members and who have been spent on education without progresses shall be considered and recommended by the competent authorities to delete their names from the list of Party members.

- For the above cases, if the Party members lodge complaints, the concerned ministries shall report them to the competent level for consideration.

- Those Party members who apply for discharge from the Party shall be considered and proposed by the ministries to the competent authorities for approval of their admission for decision.

Accordingly, if a Party member leaves his/her activities or does not pay any Party's fees for three months in a year without a plausible reason, reduces his/her will for striving, or does not perform tasks which he/she has been educated in but progresses, his/her name shall be deleted from the list of Party members.

Regulations on removal of party members

Guidance on deletion of names of party members

Pursuant to Section 8 of the Decision No. 24/QD-TW dated July 30, 2021 providing for implementation of the Communist Party's Charter, including:

"8. Article 8.- Deletion of Party members' names and settlement of complaints about deletion of Party members' names

8.1. Removing the Party members' names.

Expenditure on selecting and requesting competent authorities to decide to remove names from the list of Communist Party members in the following cases: Party members abandon activities of the Communist Party or not paid membership fees for three months in a year without any plausible reason; Communist Party members return membership cards or cancel membership cards on their own; Communist Party members decline their will and fail to fulfill their tasks of Communist Party members, have been subjected to educational expenditure but make no progress after 12 months; the Party members have violated the status of communist party members for two consecutive years; Party members do not ensure political standards as prescribed by the Political Bureau.

8.2. Settle complaints about the elimination of Party members' names.

8.2.1. Within 30 working days after receiving the decision to delete the name, the Party member may complain with the higher-level Party Committee to the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee.

8.2.2. The agencies and organizations of the Party Committees shall have to advise and assist the Party Committees in settling complaints. The time limit for settlement of a complaint is prescribed as follows: Within 90 working days, for a provincial, district or equivalent level, or 180 working days, for a central level, from the date of receiving the complaint.

8.2.3. Not to settle the following complaints: Past the time limit of 30 working days as from the date the Party members receive the decision to delete their names; have already been considered and concluded by the highest competent authorities; individuals or collectives that have lodged complaints about households; or have not yet been decided to delete the names of the competent Party Committees.

8.2.4. Complaints about deletion of names of foreign party members shall be settled under separate regulations."

Accordingly, the deletion of Party members' names is similar to that prescribed in the Statute of the Communist Party of Vietnam 2011. However, in Regulation 24-QD/TW dated July 30, 2021, there are other additional cases such as:

- 160; Intentionally returning the Communist Party's card or canceling the Communist Party's card without permission.

- The Party members breach the Party's capacity for two consecutive years.

- The Communist Party members fail to meet political standards as prescribed by the Politburo.

In addition, this Regulation also provides guidance on the procedures for complaint of the Party members when their names are deleted. Specifically, the Party member whose name is deleted may lodge a complaint within 30 working days from the date on which the decision on deletion of name is received.

The time limit for settling complaints about the expungement of the Party's name is 90 working days for the provincial and district levels and 180 working days for the central level from the date of receiving the complaints.

In addition, this Regulation also provides for the case in which the party members are not settled.


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