Policies applicable to cadres rotated under Regulation 65-QD/TW

Regulation 65-QD/TW Policies and regimes applicable to transferred cadres.

Procedure for personnel rotation

According to Article 7 of the Politburo's Decision No. 65/QD-TW dated 2022, regulations on personnel plans, procedures and documents are provided for as follows:

- Plan

+ For the central level

The Central Organization Commission shall base itself on the requirements of the political tasks and the contingent of officials to advise and report them to the Political Bureau and the Secretariat for consideration and decision on the rotation of the central officials.

+ For Party committees, Party organizations and agencies and units under the Central Government

Authorities of party committees and competent party organizations shall rely on applicable regulations, the list of officials specified in the planning, political tasks and capabilities, and schools to formulate plans for personnel rotation within the scope of management. The plan must contain: quantity, demand, position, title, form, area of transfer; benefits for circulating officials; plan for post-restructuring officials (if any), ...

Based on the rotation plan, to make a list of cadres subject to the rotation and a specific plan on organization of implementation of each cadre.

- Procedure

+ Step 1: Based on the demand for transfer of officials, executive committees, communist organizations and leaders of agencies and units, review and evaluate the contingent of local officials, agencies and units in order to formulate transfer plans and submit them to competent authorities for consideration and approval.

+ Step 2: Based on the guidelines of the competent authorities, the organization and personnel advising agencies shall discuss with the localities, agencies and units to propose the rotation of personnel.

+ Step 3: The advisory organization and personnel shall synthesize proposals of localities, agencies and units and review the standards, criteria and expected locations, titles and personnel in shift; collect comments and assessments of the personnel expected to be transferred.

+ Step 4: The advisory organization and personnel shall send written requests for opinions from relevant agencies, consult with the agencies of departure and the agencies of arrival about the expected localities, titles and personnel rotating; synthesize the appraisal results and exchange opinions with the officials expected to be transferred. Organization of the meeting with the officials shall be reassigned to understand the purposes and requirements of the shift; at the same time, grasp the thoughts, aspirations and determine the responsibilities of the circulating officials.

+ Step 5: The organization-personnel advisory agency shall submit to competent authorities for consideration, decision, leaders and direction of the implementation (announcement of the election decision, direction of the election and other necessary tasks).

- Dossiers of rotation cadres

The candidate shall be nominated similarly to the candidate's dossier in accordance with current regulations.

In addition, according to Article 8, the Political Bureau's Decision No. 65/QD-TW of 2022 prescribing the time for transfer of cadres is as follows:

- The rotation period is at least 3 years (36 months). Special cases shall be considered and decided by competent authorities.

Policies applicable to cadres rotated under Regulation 65-QD/TW

Benefits and policies applicable to officials in transit

According to Article 11 of the Politburo's Decision No. 65/QD-TW dated 2022, regulations on benefits for officials who are rotated as follows:

The destination agencies apply regimes and policies, arrange accommodations, travel and cost-of-living support (if any) for rotational cadres. In case the shift cadres hold titles with entitlements and position allowances lower than their incumbent posts before transfer, they shall be reserved under regulations.

In addition, upon personnel rotation, it is required to comply with the principle that post-rotation cadres specified in Article 10 of the Politburo's Decision No. 65-QD/TW dated 2022 are assigned as follows:

- The arrangement of post-rotation cadres must be based on the requirements of the Party's personnel work, political tasks, the situation of the contingent of cadres of localities, agencies and units and the working results, the capabilities and bases of cadres in association with the performance of political tasks of localities, agencies and units, and the evaluation and consideration of cadres by competent authorities.

- In cases where the transferred officials are decided by competent authorities to continue their stable work in the localities or units where they move in, they shall not be considered the rotated officials as prescribed.

Above are regulations on procedures, regimes and policies applicable to the rotation of cadres as prescribed in Decision No. 65/QD-TW.



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