No salary increase for cadres and party members under investigation

Cadres and party members who are being examined when there are signs of violations, considered, disciplined, ... and investigated, have not yet implemented salary increase, conferred titles, commendation.. .

No salary increase for cadres and party members under investigation

No salary increase for cadres and party members under investigation (Artwork)

This is one of the principles of disciplinary enforcement stated in the Guideline 02-HD/TW dated December 9, 2021 on the inspection, supervision and discipline of the Party.

Specifically, cadres and party members are being examined when there are signs of violations, are considered, disciplined, are recommended to handle violations according to the conclusion of inspection and settlement of denunciations and are investigated for violations. check then:

The planning, candidacy, nomination, appointment, and re-appointment have not yet been implemented when the time limit for appointment, transfer, rotation, secondment, training, exam for promotion, rank, conferment, promotion of military rank has come, raise salary , confer titles, reward, resign or resign.

Thus, cadres and party members who are being investigated, examined and disciplined... are not allowed to raise wages, reward, etc.

In addition, cadres and party members who are in the process of inspecting, supervising, settling complaints and denunciations, considering disciplinary action or committing illegal acts within the time limit for disciplinary handling or If, while being investigated, prosecuted or tried, reaches retirement age and is entitled to handle procedures for enjoying retirement benefits by a competent authority, the competent party organization shall only carry out procedures for temporary transfer of party activities. notify the party member of his/her place of residence, and at the same time notify in writing the party organization managing the party member where he/she resides.

Party members, after transferring party activities to a new party organization, if detecting violations of discipline at the place of previous party activities with respect to violations in performing Party member's tasks or assigned tasks by the Party cell, If they violate the population policy, violate the party's living regime, collect and pay party fees, etc. but have not been considered and handled, depending on the content of the violation, the superior party organizations of the party organizations shall manage them. Former and current party members consider settlement or authorize the party organization to manage current or former party members for consideration and handling.

In addition, when there has been a report requesting disciplinary action against a party organization or a party member that has committed a violation but the competent party organization has not yet issued a disciplinary decision or reported to a superior to take disciplinary action but discover If there are more details related to the disciplinary violation or other violations, the competent party organization shall continue to consider and decide or assign the delegation (team) to examine and verify additional contents. violations to request reconsideration of disciplinary forms.

After considering, handling or directing the consideration and handling of party discipline, within 5 days at the latest, the party organization must issue a written instruction or request to the competent organization to handle the disciplinary matters. administrative, corporate or criminal handling.

Within 30 days at the latest, upon receipt of a written directive or request from a competent party organization, state organizations, the Fatherland Front, and socio-political organizations must consider and take disciplinary action against them. administrative and mass organizations for cadres, members and union members who are party members; If the above time limit is exceeded, the reason must be clearly reported to the party organization that has directed or proposed.

See more at Guide 02-HD/TW issued on December 9, 2021.



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