In Vietnam, what allowances are attached to the salary of apprentice officials?

Article 22 Decree 138/2020/ND-CP of Vietnam stipulates that besides salary, officials also enjoy allowances under the regulations of the Government during the probationary period. At present, officials are entitled to a number of allowances such as toxic allowance, public service allowance, regional allowance, job responsibility, mobility, seniority beyond the frame, seniority, leadership positions, etc.

In Vietnam, what allowances are attached to the salary of apprentice officials? (Illustration image)

Here are some types of allowances that  apprentice officials are still entitled to, including:

1. Toxic allowances

According to Clause 1, Article I of Circular 07/2005/TT-BNV of Vietnam, officials during the probationary period are also entitled to the toxic and dangerous allowance if they work directly in a hazardous or dangerous place, but this factor is higher than the normal level and has not been included in the salary coefficient.

The level of toxic allowance consists of four coefficients of 0.1; 0.2; 0.3 and 0.4 compared to the general minimum wage at the time of calculation of allowances and depending on each job position with corresponding toxic and dangerous factors. Currently, the toxic and dangerous allowance is ranging from 149,000 - 596,000 VND/month (current base salary is 1,490,000 VND).

2. Regional allowances

In Joint Circular 11/2005/TTLT-BNV-BLDTBXH-BTC-UBDT of Vietnam, officials are entitled to regional allowances with 07 coefficients including 0.1; 0.2; 0.3; 0.4; 0.5; 0.7 and 1.0 compared to the general minimum wage, if working in a place with bad or harsh climatic conditions or in a remote, remote area with difficult access.... This regulation applies applicable to both reserve civil servants or civil servants who are in the probationary period.

Specifically, this allowance will range from 149,000 VND/month to 1.49 million VND/month depending on the specific conditions of each area.

3. Job responsibility allowance

Similar to the two types of allowances mentioned above, the job responsibility allowance also applies to reserve civil servants, civil servants who are in the probationary period and is regulated in Circular 05/ 2005/TT-BNV.

The level of allowance for job responsibilities of people who do jobs requiring high responsibility will have this allowance coefficient of 0.5; 0.3; 0.2 and 0.1 compared to the base salary, so it will range from 149,000 - 745,000 VND/month.

Particularly for people doing cryptographic protection, the coefficient consists of only three levels of 0.1; 0.2 and 0.3 compared to the base salary, the allowances are respectively 149,000 VND/month, 298,000 VND/month and 447,000 VND/month under the provisions of Circular 07/2017/TT-BNV.

4. Mobile allowance

In addition to the three types of allowances mentioned above, the apprentice officials are also entitled to a mobile allowance of 298,000 VND/month, 596,000 VND/month and 894,000 VND/month respectively with coefficients of 0.2; 0.4 and 0.6 compared to the base salary under the provisions of Circular 06/2005/TT-BNV due to the nature and characteristics of the profession or the job, the place of work and residence must be changed frequently. unstable living conditions.

5. Allowances for areas with special economic and social difficulties

When civil servants, even as trainees, come to work in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions such as Truong Sa, Hoang Sa, DK1 and Region III communes in ethnic minority areas, mountainous areas, island communes with special difficulties, etc are all entitled to hardship allowances under the provisions of Decree 76/2019/ND-CP.

In which, the allowances to be enjoyed include: Attraction allowance; long-term working allowance; Preferential allowances by profession and mobile allowances...

- Attraction allowance = 70% (current salary + leader position allowance + seniority allowance, if any).

- Perennial allowance calculated according to the base salary and actual working time here, specifically:

+ Level 0.5 if the actual working time is from full 05 years - under 10 years.

+ Level 0.7 if the actual working time is from full 10 years - under 15 years.

+ Level 1.0 if having actual working time of full 15 years or more

- The first allowance is paid immediately upon receiving the job and only once in the total actual working time in the special difficult area. The allowance level is equal to 10 months' base salary.

Therefore, even though they are only on probation, officials can still enjoy full salary (if conditions are met) or 85% of salary level 1, level 2 (if master) or level 3 (if PhD) and the above allowances.

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