Convening congresses of Party Committees within the Communist Party of Vietnam

Regulation 24-QD/TW regulation on convening the general meeting of the Party committees and electing delegates to attend the general meeting of the Party of the superior level.

Convening of general meetings by executive committees

According to subsection 11.1 Section 11 of the Regulation No. 24-QD/TW dated July 30, 2021 on guidelines for the Communist Party's charter in terms of tasks for the convening of congress:

- To prepare the drafts of reports and issues on delegates' personnel, the ministerial-level Party committee's personnel scheme, the Inspection Committee and the plan to organize the general assembly.

- Receiving candidacy petitions to the level of official Party members who are not official delegates of the congress as prescribed by the Central Executive Committee, Political Bureau, Secretariat.

- Decide and notify the opening time of the congress 30 working days before the opening date of the congress; notify the number of delegates and allocate delegates to the affiliates of the Communist Party; direct the election of deputies according to the regulated principles and procedures.

- Provide documents about election of deputies and issues related to qualifications of deputies to the inspectorate.

- Provide documents for the presidium of congress to respond to the issues requested by delegates.

- Direct the regular activities of the local Party until a new executive committee is elected.

- To prepare documents for the new Party Committees to elect the leading titles of the Party Committees at the first session.

Accordingly, when convening the general assembly, the executive committee must prepare draft reports and issues of delegates. The delegator must decide and announce the opening time of the general assembly 30 working days and provide the documents.

Convening congresses of Party Committees within the Communist Party of Vietnam

Election of delegates to attend superior-level party congresses

Subsection 11.4 in Section 11 of the Regulation No. 24-QD/TW dated July 30, 2021 on guidelines for implementation of the Communist Party's charter for election and election of deputies to the superior-level party congress shall be regulated as follows:

- Only official delegates of the congress shall be nominated to be delegates participating in the superior Party congress. When electing deputies to attend the superior Party's congress, the list of election persons shall be made a general list; the official election of deputies first, the rest shall be added to the alternate deputies. In case of formal election of deputies, if the number of candidates is still a number of deputies on half of the total number of deputies or the total number of members is summoned, the alternate deputies shall be taken from these ones according to the number of votes from high to low. If the number of ballots is still not sufficient, the congress shall decide whether to hold another election.

The list of additional elections other than the first election list shall be decided by the general assembly.

- The conversion of alternate delegates into official ones shall be decided by the Executive Committees of the Party Committees of the levels convening the congresses (at the central level being the Political Bureau). This deputy shall be considered and reported to the congress for approval by the inspectorate of qualified delegates. alternate delegates shall be converted into official delegates of each party according to the order of number of votes from high to low at the general meeting of such party. In case of equal votes, persons with higher ages shall be taken.

- After the candidate is elected, the delegate shall officially move to the new unit but the Party organization in the new unit still affiliated to the executive committee convene the general assembly, such delegate shall still be summoned to the general assembly and the executive committee of the area where the delegate is officially transferred to another party shall not appoint alternative delegates.

In cases where an official delegate (through election) refuses to participate in the congress but the convener of the general assembly is so consented by the authorized level, he/she shall be allowed to nominate an alternate delegate.

- The appointment of alternate delegates is prohibited in the following cases:

+ The number of official delegates to be elected by the inferior congress is not sufficient.

+ The level of member convening the general assembly is absent throughout the congress.

+ Official representative is refused.

If delegates are absent during the congress without alternative attendants, the delegates summoned shall not be counted in the total number of delegates to attend the congress when calculating the election result.

- In special cases where the Party Committees have already elected their deputies and decide to separate such party(ies) into a number of new ones, the convening Party Committees may decide to additionally elect a number of deputies for such new Party Committees in accordance with the provisions in Clause 2, Article 11 of the Party's Statute on the division of deputies to the attached party(ies).

- In case the Communist Party and the Ministry have organized a general meeting to elect delegates to the superior communist party, but to be separated and transferred to a new communist party and the new communist party has not organized the general meeting, the convening level shall summon delegates from the communist party and the new party to be sent back and include them in the total convened delegates of the general meeting.

Accordingly, the official delegates of the congress shall be nominated to attend the superior Party congress.


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