Can graduate students extend student health insurance in Vietnam?

Students are one of the subject entitled to health insurance and are supported by the state budget. So when students graduate, can they extend health insurance for students in Vietnam?

Can graduate students extend student health insurance in Vietnam? (Source: Internet)

1. Students are eligible for health insurance.

Article 4 of Decree 146/2018/ND-CP stipulates that the group of health insurance policyholders whose contributions are supported by the state budget is as follows:

- Members of near-poor family households defined according to the near-poor criteria under regulations of the Government and the Prime Minister.

- Members of multidimensional-poverty family households falling into the cases specified in point a, clause 9, Article 3 hereof.

- Pupils and students.

- Members of family households doing business in the agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and salt industry who earn an average income in accordance with regulations of the Government and the Prime Minister.

As stipulated above, students are one of the subjects participating in health insurance, specifically those in the group participating in health insurance that is supported by the state budget.

2. The expiration of student health insurance

According to Point a, Clause 7, Article 13 of Decree 146/2018/ND-CP, health insurance cards shall be annually issued to students at general education institutions, including the following cases:

- As regards 1st - grade pupils, each health insurance card shall be valid from the 1st day of October of the first year of elementary education;

- As regards12th - grade students, each health insurance card shall be valid till the end of September 30 of that school year.

Thus, the student's health insurance card is valid until the end of September 30, grade 12 for that student.

3. Can a graduate student extend the use of health insurance?

In Article 4 of the Law on Health Insurance 2008 (amended 2014), the policy of health insurance is as follows:

- The State pays, or assists payment of, health insurance premiums for people with meritorious services to the revolution and a number of social beneficiary groups.

- The State creates favorable conditions for organizations and individuals to join health insurance or pays health insurance premiums for several beneficiary groups.

- The State encourages investment in technological development and advanced technical facilities for health insurance management.

As mentioned above, depending on the object, the state will have different support policies. Therefore, after graduating, students are no longer students, so they cannot extend health insurance according to students. Instead, students can register for health insurance as college/university students or households,...

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